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Round 3

Q: Blood, blood, blood, blood, GOOOOO BLOOOOOOD!

TT: Go Blood t-shirts now available for $19.99 plus shipping and handling.

MMS: All proceeds go to paying the Volcano at the end of the GM for her hard work.

S12: Which currently consists of sitting there and looking pretty.

The first screen flickers to reveal our Gardevoir camera woman still hanging out with her Alolan Ninetales friend. A bit disinterested in just sitting atop the arena, she teleports away to find herself in a grassy field by the river. Oddly enough, no other Pokemon is immediately in sight. That is, until a small red stripe comes into view, hovering just above the ground. Suddenly the stripe begins... spinning? Doing loops over itself as it begins to Rollout. It takes a moment but it quickly begins building up speed, heading straight towards the river, and the canyon that looks over it. Making a beeline for the most ramp-like structure to be found, the stripe rockets clean off the ledge like Evel Knievel, but unlike the famous daredevil, actually soars over the canyon and makes it to the other side with a bit of luck. Continuing to roll, the stripe heads up the base of the mountain, ending about halfway up and being smacked by a Stealth Rock as the camera turns to spot an Arcanine running westward along the canyon.

S12: Was that a Kecleon?

TT: I believe it was. Shame we won't know to whom it belongs.

Q: Don't look at me! I left Aphie at home!

MMS: Goddamn, that was the most metal shit Iíve ever seen out of something that looks like it should be inanimate.

The second screen flickers to reveal Aurelius kind of done with all this glitter nonsense, teleporting away from the herd of collapsed sheep to find himself deep in the jungle. Here two Marowak can be found by a small hand-made structure, and after a bit of pause they both begin chopping away at trees and branches with False Swipe to further construct their fort. All in all it's a pretty cool fort. It just needs a flag or something.

TT: Well... that's hardly the kind of action we usually get on the Alakazam cam.

MMS: Marowak sure seems to be popular this GM. These two are way cooler than the one we saw beating up the Krok earlier, though. Forts are the best!

Q: I wanna help build the fort! Maybe a bunk bed or something!

S12: Friendly reminder this is a massive scale battle and fort building does not net you any points. Aside from style points.

MMS: But those are the best kind!

MMS: The lack of blood disgusts me. Get your acts together, people!

TT: I get the feeling we wonít be selling any shirts this round.

S12: But we need that sponsorship to pay for Snorbyís powder!

MMS: Seriously, get killiní. If you donít get killiní, I donít get my fix. And if I donít get my fix, Iím gonna kill you all.

Orders will be due in to both myself and Snorby by 6 PM EST on Tuesday, April 18th. Please title your PMs as "Nickname - Gender Species - Round 4"
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