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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Your Pokémon will receive:-
~ 2 levels
~ 1 Egg or MT move
~ 1 TM
~ 1 +10 Birthday Poffin (raises all contest stats by 10)
~ 1 Birthday Gummi (raises a Pokémon's IQ by 2)
Well, amidst all the current confusion, I seem to have forgotten yet another birthday. I'll have to find a way to make that up to Malfoy, but for right now, the Eeveepocalypse is once more upon us, and so, we celebrate! Happy birthday to Cyanide, my level 11 Umbreon!

*Cyanide grew to level 12!*

*Cyanide grew to level 13!*

*Cyanide learned Quick Attack!*

*Cyanide learned the MT move Sucker Punch!*

*Cyanide learned the TM move Zap Cannon!*

*Cyanide ate the Birthday Poffin!*

*Whoops! Cyanide's Beauty is already maxed out!*

*Cyanide's other Contest stats (Tough, Smart, Cool, and Cute) each rose from 40 to 50!*

*Cyanide ate the Birthday Poffin!*

*Cyanide's IQ rose from 6 to 8!*

MARION EDIT: Umbreon's birthday presents confirmed.

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