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Why talk about the playoffs when you can talk about lottery odds? I'm liking the position the Sixers are in. Due to the Lakers going on a hot streak to end the season, the Lakers have a less than 50% chance of getting a top three pick. Which means the odds are in the Sixers' favor to nab that pick, as well as our own high lottery pick. We have our own odds in addition to the Kings' so I'm pretty confident in us getting a top five pick. I reeeaaallllly like Malik Monk, it'd be cool to get a deadly shooter like him. Throw him into the mix with Simmons, Embiid, and the rest of the gang and I think you're looking at a playoff team. There'll be some growing pains with new players entering the system, but by season's end we'll have it figured out. I'm loving our situation.


Okay about the playoffs:

Warriors in 4
Spurs in 5
Rockets in 7(!)
Jazz in 6

Celtics in 6
Cavs in 5 (you're crazy Rhee)
Bucks in 7
Wizards in 5
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