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Round 2

TT: Aaaaand we're back folks!

Q: Let's get right back to seeing people get slaughtered!

*miscellaneous sounds of Snorby stuffing his gob*

S12: Really dude?

MMS: Mmff pfff Mff! *Swallows* It’s not my fault Easter Dinner started two hours early for no apparent reason!

Our first camera zooms in to find Ismene still with her new Onix friend. That is, until he proceeds to Dig through the nearby wall and leave her all alone. Rude. Teleporting away from the spooky cave, she finds herself filming an Alolan Ninetales atop the peak, who gives her a smile before patrolling around the rim of the volcano. A lot of nice things are visible in the distance. Or, they would be if this wasn't the worse of two cameras. Luckily though, the camera can see pretty well into the chamber below, an Aggron inside menacing the Magby and Magmar in an attempt to scare them off. The group of Excadrill and Drilbur from before enter the chamber, but the Aggron sights them immediately and a quick charge in their direction is all it takes to cause them to scuttle back off into the caves. Our Onix friend pops up at the northern section of the chamber, looking a little overheated, before spying the Aggron and setting down a Stealth Rock. ...but due to the way it works in this particular GM, it doesn't even come close to doing anything useful.

S12: I don't think that Aggron wants anybody anywhere near that button.

MMS: Seems like the kind of ‘mon you wouldn’t want to fuck with. Which is exactly why I expect half the GM to go fuck with it ASAP.

Q: Press the button. Press the button.

Our Alakazamera gets a little bored in his current location and teleports away, finding himself in a regular showdown as a Golurk and a Houndoom stare eachother down from a distance. In between the two an Ampharos looks incredibly concerned as it shelters a herd of wild Mareep and Flaaffy. The Houndoom decides this is a bad place to be and books it with an Agility, but doesn't quite get out of range as the Golurk stomps the ground with an Earthquake to shake everything up. The three Mareep and three Flaaffy stare at the robot like it's retarded or something before going about their business, and the Ampharos decides this is not a safe place to be, running off to the east. It doesn't get far before a second Earthquake rocks the area. But the herd of sheep is kind of fed up at this point with the blatant super effective aoe spam and turn their attention to the Golurk proper. A series of crossing Rounds from each of the six sheep leaves the Golurk in rather quite a lot of pain. But continue its pursuit it does, chasing just a bit further and unleashing a final Earthquake. The third quake causes each of the herd to drop to the ground in pain, obviously unable to interfere with the fight further, while the Ampharos continues to attempt to run away. But a Lombre approaches from the direction the Ampharos is running, and it must have been waiting as it looses a Hydro Pump into the creature, drenching it. The Ampharos is obviously rather upset, but as the ding of the end of the round comes, the creature explodes into a burst of confetti as beams of energy strike out at the Golurk and Lombre for huge amounts of damage. The two stand there among the bodies of the sheep, both covered in the colorful confetti and looking incredibly confused.

MMS: ….Jesus Christ those sheep would be in better shape after an all-nighter with Connor. At least the corpses look festive enough!

TT: Definitely worth swapping away from the other fight.

S12: If you could even call it that.

S12: Oh look, two more deaths.


MMS: Huh, that one in the jungle is a bit random. Can’t believe it’s only round 2 and we’re undercovering areas with deaths already. Oh well, all blood is good blood.

Orders will be due in to both myself and Snorby by 6 PM EST on Monday, April 17th. Please title your PMs as "Nickname - Gender Species - Round 3"
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