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As the giggly, gooey dragon takes the field once more, Alarak wastes no time in slamming his legs onto the ground, channeling a bit of rocky energy through the terrain. Frieda looks relatively calm as she is imprisoned, wiggling her tail just a bit before slamming it onto the ground below her. A violent tremor rips through the arena, Alarak groaning in pain as the super effective assault ravages his already beaten body. The rocks surrounding Frieda topple and crumble with a few of them falling on top of her, although she easily pushes them aside and gets back on her feet, completely free of impediments. With a huff, she opens her maw and releases a brilliant torrent of fire towards the Metagross, who roars in agony and collapses.

Alarak is unable to battle. EK, send out your next combatant.

Frieda took a little damage from the rocks toppling onto her, but is more or less fine. She is raring to go, ready for her next opponent.


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