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Good evening, ASB. I'm Jeri Chee.

It's recently come to my attention that the bell tolls for E-ast-er. What lies beneath your itinerary? The only thing on mine is "sale".

What is this sale, you ask? Well, I shall show you.

10 SP off any Legend Challenge - applies to as many purchases as you desire

5 SP off purchase of single squad slots

All Pokemon gain 1 additional level when leveled in a match or via SP - only applies once per 'mon when spending SP, applies as many times as needed for matches

Coaching will earn 1 SP per Pokémon

We will also be introducing a new specialty token for your purchasing pleasure.

Jeweler's Token (10 SP) - The Jeweler's Token sparkles with the mineral wealth of the earth, filled with determined energy and the rock's resolve. It can be attached to a Rock Pokémon and greatly enhances their natural abilities. They will become incredibly sure-footed, making them extremely hard to move against their own will, and while Pokémon will still be able to escape their weight or grip, it will be harder to move the holder off them. Rocks summoned or created by the holder will be much sturdier than normal, harder to break, and more likely to smash through screens or other attacks.

You will have through the remainder of the month to take advantage of these awesome offers.

Be kind to bunnies.
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