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Arabesque #1:

Spoiler: show

The Arabesque is a quick piece, I'm not going to lie, but solo piano Debussy is really meant to be played at about half the tempo it's written for. All of Debussy can be considered to be sans rigeur so don't bother keeping a consistent beat; rubato the SHIT out of it.

Arabesque is originally written for the harp. You play far too quickly. While the Arabesque has a super-strong melody that stands out REALLY hard no matter what, you should be taking great pains to make sure it soars. When you say "soars" you have to put your hands out like THIS and say SOOOOOARS as gay as you can.

You can hear all the wrong notes as well as I can so I won't waste time pointing them out. Practice those passages slowly.

It sounds like you may struggle with the polyrhythm as your tempo is a little inconsistent and you mess up with some weird shit at 0:36. The last note in the left and right hands are played together, not apart.

At 0:37 make sure you are �� always �� playing �� on the �� beat. You rush the triplets. Do not do that. Even if you don't want to slow down, you need to make sure that you're playing it very delicately and with careful attention to note weight and emphasis.

debussy is Not Easy and you are def to be commended for your good technical play! The problem is that Debussy is not technical. He is romantic and he sooooooooars.

Limpid Luster:

Spoiler: show
Some of the chords sound really off! Esp. at 0:47. Are those the right notes? I listened to another cover and it didn't sound like the same chord at all.

Make sure that you keep a consistent tempo. Playing the 16th notes will naturally make you sound faster; don't speed up at the same time!

idk this piece i can't help u anymore here good playing i like it!
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