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Round 1


TT: Because you're grabbing and shaking the desk like an idiot?

Q: Oh look Snorby's finally here!

MMS: *wipes mysterious white powder from his face and sits down* heyeveryonesorryimlateivejustbeenbusydoingliterall yallofthereffingsforeveritsbeenaBLAST!

With the whole casting counter well and filled out, the remaining screens pop on with our two cameramon going out into the field.

The first camera finds itself placed inside the dark caves beneath the mountain, Ismene the Gardevoir popping up face to face with an Onix slithering around in its newfound home. The large rock snake slithers towards a few Excadrill watching over a group of playing Drilbur nearby, who also seem to be guarding a Prank Egg. Intent on making sure not to spook the group, the Onix approaches slowly, and the moles pay him no heed. Upon reaching the group he proceeds to Confide in them the plans he thinks others may have for the button. Startled by such horrible news, the Excadrill grab their Prank Egg and run off towards the volcano chamber with Drilbur in tow. Happy with his work, the Onix slithers along until it comes to a fork in the road. Unsure of which direction to go, it plays rock paper scissors with our Gardevoir camera woman. Ismene wins every time.

Q: Maybe try picking something other than rock?

MMS: ohlookitsabunchofdrilburdoyoulikedrilburisureliked rilburOSHITTHATSABIGFUCKINSNAKEiwonderwhatittoldth emohwellwaitwhyisitplayingrockpaperscissorsitsmade ofrockanddoesnthavehandsohhhhhhhwaitnowigetit

S12: Holy shit dude lay off the powder.

TT: Have you maybe considered coffee?

MMS: areyouseriousyouthinkCOFFEEisgonnagetmethroughallt hesecancerousorderscmonthisisntyourfirstrodeo

The second camera lights up with Aurelius the Alakazam appearing by a Swampert as well as a couple of Ludicolo. The group immediately rushes to the west and it quickly becomes apparent as to why, a lone Krokorok standing perfectly still in the distance, with a Marowak heading its way from the west. It would seem that the Swampert was a bit too trusting, though, as one of the Ludicolo unleashes a massive Solar Beam into its back as it runs. Shrugging off the attack with a lot of pain now coursing through its body, the Swampert looses a Hydro Pump into the Krokorok for tons of damage. And SPEAKING of tons of damage, the betrayal doesn't let up, as the same Ludicolo unleashes a second Solar Beam into the Swampert's back once more. A group of five Togekiss makes its way into view from the south and the Marowak unleashes a Water Gun onto the sitting Krokorok for yet more super effective pain. The second Ludicolo decides now is its time to strike, and a final Solar Beam cuts the Swampert's time in this GM short, leaving it KO'd. Finishing the assault for now, the Togekiss unleash a Dazzling Gleam into the Krokorok while the Marowak tosses out an Ice Beam, leaving the croc with a frozen torso to end things.

MMS: *sharp intake of breath* ...okay I’m good. Jesus, bad time to be a Ground-Type, REALLY bad time to be a Ground-Type with a shitty trainer who didn’t order.

Q: It’s rare to see TWO people get Josh’d in one round.

S12: So… when do we let loose the Psychic Anti-Mob Teleportation Squad?

MMS: IDK, so far they seem to be mostly murdering each other. They better not get too complacent, though…

TT: It looks like that was the only KO this round.

Q: And sadly nothing got completely destroyed!

MMS: Whoever the pansy was who left the chamber has just disappointed all of us in a big way.

S12: It looks like we’ve got another contestant on “Who Wants To Press The Button?” though.

Orders will be due in to both myself and Snorby by 6 PM EST on Sunday, April 16th. Please title your PMs as "Nickname - Gender Species - Round 2"
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