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His foe staggering from his energy-hemorrhaging assault during the last round, Alarak decides to lay on the pain, and fires off a beam of glimmering fairy energy towards the tired warrior. Mercury is hit dead on by the targeted attack, and screeches in pain as he blinks his eyes rapidly in an attempt to regain his visual bearings. He lashes out a fist at Alarak, who grunts as a bit of his vitality is sapped away by the tenacious Gallade. No, there would be none of that; his foe was destined to forever walk in the shadows. Reaching into the nether, Alarak summons a shadowy mass before himself and fires it towards Mercury. The gallant creature wails in pain as the spectral winds wash over his body, only to look up in abject horror as a second ghostly cannonball slams into his chest. The knight glares at his now tired, but grinning foe in defiance as he draws his final breath, collapsing onto the battlefield.

Mercury has been KO'ed. Snorby, send out your next combatant.

Alarak took a hard shot of damage this round, and is quite tired. He needs a break. His Ghost and Fairy energies have been depleted.


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