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Round 0

Lights flicker on over the caster's counter as the cameras spring to life. A few screens line the wall behind the counter and display only blue for the moment. A single man enters, taking his place at the counter before looking around confused.

S12: Snorby? ...where the fuck is that man?

Two additional figures enter before taking seats on opposite sides of the man.

S12: What are you two doing here? Snorby's supposed to co-host this shitshow!

Q: It's tradition!

TT: Besides, I thought I saw him flailing about wildly writing all the personal rounds like a rabbit hopped on adderall.

S12: Whatever, as long as he provides commentary later.

TT: In the meantime, let's keep this introduction on track, shall we?

One of the screens flickers for a moment before the blue square turns into a large overhead view of the map. After a couple moments, dots begin to populate the grid to display the initial locations of the participants.

Q: Oh look! A group already!

S12: Wow I wonder where those people that chose their spots ended up...

TT: ...why would you ever choose to be stranded on the far side of a huge river?

S12: No idea, but that group had better get to splitting or fighting unless they want punished for forming a mob.

TT: That's right, everyone's favorite Psychic GL has volunteered to have some of his Pokemon Teleport members of persistent grouping to random locations on the map!

Q: Don't say we didn't warn you! ...or feel free to because you won't be warned aside from just now.

S12: Anyway, with this being a dormant volcano things are a lot less interesting than last time around, so let's get right to it.

Orders will be due in to both myself and Snorby by 6 PM EST on Saturday, April 15th. Please title your PMs as "Nickname - Gender Species - Round 1"
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