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I actually wholeheartedly disagree on the idea that we should lower our GLship standards; I think they are in a very, very reasonable place right now. (This is from the perspective of someone who would benefit from a "lower standard".) If you decrease the quality of GLs by a lot, you additionally stand to potentially devalue badges, which to me, are one of the more difficult things to acquire atm. I guess you could make a balancing argument here, but I think the current standard is reasonable.

I do really like the idea of being able to purchase an extra gym slot. (25 SP is IMO not too incredibly low if you max it at one, although yeah, it could probably stand to go up a bit. I wouldn't ever pay a full fucking 50 SP though, and this is coming from a badge whore. I could just as easily wait a little longer to buy a badge or buy a historic.) I think this is a good thing to look into though.


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