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Oh I understand it's only a suggestion I just wanted to voice my dissenting opinion XP

While you're partially right that people don't buy 6 packs etc at full price because sales are predictable, I know from my own experience as well as from others I've talked with that that isn't all of it. Asb is a slow moving game, and reffing, especially for those who don't get the 48 hour bonus and aren't one of the handful you usually see getting asked to ref gym and tournament matches,
is a slow process that only allots a small amount of sp at a time. When it's gonna often take you a year of Reffing to actually stockpile 50 sp, what's waiting for another sale or two or three or forty-seven for the thing you wanted to be on sale. ASB is such a naturally slow game that no matter how frequently something's on sale, the sp you save will almost always be more valuable than the time lost.

Definitely agree that we should lower standards on glship,
but then if you have a massive influx of GLs that exacerbated the problem of having a half dozen GLs with no defenses and empty queues, which in turn means we want more people to buy this and this will need a lower price xp

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