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50 seems kind of ridiculous. Low level Legend challenges cost noticeably less than that, and a instant challenge that you dont have to sit and wait on a queue for is less than half. Hell, a 6 pack of slots, which literally nobody every gets except for when it's on sale, costs just as much as that, and even those fast refs get discounts on.

I understand a desire to make it a notable SP sink and not marginalize gym challenges, but when you consider that I just sat on a queue for 6 months after giving up 4 months into sitting on a different queue, and this isn't even an uncommon occurrence, anything much higher than 30 seems ridiculous to me. Especially when you consider that the more realistically beatable GLs are the ones who have such slow-moving, constantly packed queues. Sure, if somebody challenges you there's no wait, but they're also probably/definitely going to lose if they do so and at that point they just wasted their SP. If it's that pricey, I probably wouldnt ever buy one and I don't think many others would either.

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