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Originally Posted by Eliteknight View Post
A Wild Suggestion Appeared:

Would it be possible to purchase an additional Gym Challenge (Not an instant one) for a sum of SP around 25?

I feel like this could help increase activity and it would help prevent some people from having to wait months to challenge a gym as well as help fill the empty Gym queues!
I personally really like this. Gives us another thing besides squad slots people will actually buy, stops people from stagnating in the TLs just because they're sitting on a queue for months on end, fills up the empty queues, of which we have at least four atm, (5 including Crys but his isnt up yet), and has no real downside other than adding more matches that need reffing but even then the only reason we have unreffed matches rn is because I'm busy with a GM and Miror and Kots are only just getting back into reffing. Realistically this seems like a no brainer to me, good on EK for thinking of it.

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