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Anarchy, Attacks, and Albus

To say the Fizzytopia region was in disarray was an understatement. Not long after Keith caught Andromeda, his Starmie, the shocking announcement was made that the sad, sad remnants of Fizzytopia's Elite Four were stepping down from their positions. Why they were even called the Elite Four anymore was a mystery, considering it had consisted of but three Trainers since the mysterious disappearance of Stark. Naturally, pandemonium ensued. Team Rocket grunts ran rampant, being more open and brazen about their crimes than ever before- even without any remaining executives to keep them organized they managed to wreak havoc. Two of Fizzytopia's major shopping cities were completely destroyed- Grandio City was all but leveled at this point, the inexplicably glorified and overly-advertised ghost town had no buildings standing anymore, and ferries to the Cascadia archipelago no longer ran. Selibee City was likewise in ruins, the city in which Keith had always done his shopping. Of the three, only Yupien City remained, and even then, its shops had been all closed down in the midst of this chaos. Not that this stopped the multitudes of looters, of course.

Some might take all of this chaos as a reason to abandon ship and haul ass to literally any other region, but inexplicably, the good people of Fizzytopia were hopeful. A number of Trainers were trying to restore order to the ransacked region, with Keith doing his best to help this out. Even old faces seemed to be flocking back to the region in the name of helping this cause.

Right now, however, Keith was merely doing his part to keep a couple of Team Rocket grunts out of his Secret Base. "Hermione! Andromeda! Double Firestream!" he ordered his Weedle and Starmie. Andromeda's core glowed a fiery orange before she and Hermione launched identical streams of molten bubbles at the flock of Golbat they were up against. "Meowth, Fury Swipes!" he added to the Normal-type on his shoulder. Once the Firestream stopped, Meowth lunged, scratching and swiping at every Golbat he could reach.

"Gah!" exclaimed one of the grunts as they all withdrew their Golbat. "This ain't over, Masters! The boss still wants you dealt with-"

"Oh, cry me a river," Keith retorted. "Like I give a Raticate's ass what your boss wants. Besides, this looks pretty over to me. I don't think you guys will be bothering me again for a while."

"Oh? Why is that?" smirked another grunt. "Gonna call the cops on us? What cops?"

"Well, let's just say you guys are gonna be all tied up for a while," Keith smirked back. He glanced at the ceiling above the grunts. All three grunts followed his gaze to see yet another Weedle on the ceiling. "Albus! Electroweb!" Keith grinned.

"Weeeeedle!" Albus exclaimed, firing an electrified web from his head stinger, ensnaring the trio of Rockets, also delivering to them an unpleasant electric shock.

"Alright, let's take out the trash," Keith stated, approaching the ensnared crooks. "Andromeda?"

The usual? inquired the Starmie telepathically. Keith nodded in response, then her core glowed as she used Psychic to pick up the grunts. She carried them out through the door and soared above the forest, with the intention of dumping the grunts in the middle of nowhere.

"And good work, Albus," Keith grinned, his male Weedle lowering himself down onto Keith's arm with String Shot. "Nice Electroweb- you've been practicing, haven't you?"

"Weedle, Weedle Weedle," Albus nodded modestly.

"Weedle Weedle," Hermione said with a proud, motherly smile as she looked at her son.

"Alright, well, that's another bunch of loser Rocket grunts booted out of here," stated Keith. "Yeesh... Ever since the Elite Four stepped down, this region's been insane. And Helena," Keith added, approaching the counter of the Pokémon Center that was the first floor of his Secret Base. "You gotta try a different approach with these grunts. I mean, granted, the fact that four grunts walk in here and we only end up battling three, that's pretty good, but all the same, you keep going for Curse every time you see a Rocket, especially these days, you're just gonna wear yourself out."

"I know," sighed the blue-eyed Banette who was resting on the counter, while a white-finned Stunfisk administered a Soft-Boiled. "I mean, you know how I am about Team Rocket-"

"I do indeed," Keith nodded. "I'm not saying never Curse them, Helena, just... I mean, that's not the only move you got to work with, y'know? Never forget, we're on your side on this, we want the world rid of Team Rocket just as badly as you do, but you're doing no favors for anybody by wearing yourself out like this."

"...You're right," nodded Helena. "Next time I'll see if I can snap their necks with Psychic."

"Disturbing, yet effective," Keith nodded. "Alright, keep resting up, let Rubeus do his thing, and then come up for lunch-"


"Oh, Arceus above," Keith groaned. He wheeled around and headed back out the door at his Pawniard's shouting. Sure enough, Ginny had her blades brandished threateningly as yet another Team Rocket grunt was approaching the ramp that led up to the treetop base. "Another one?" Keith sighed. "Do you guys ever know when to quit?"

"Nope!" smirked the grunt, throwing three Rocket Balls at once. He sent out a Honchkrow, a Golbat, and a Fearow. "I take you in to the boss, and that promotion to executive is MINE! Honchkrow! Golbat! Fearow! Get him!"

Keith sprang into action. "Hermione, Albus, double Electroweb!" he ordered.

The pair of Weedle likewise sprang into action, the mother and son duo firing a pair of electrified webs. Golbat was caught in one of them, but Honchkrow and Fearow were much quicker, and were able to evade the entirety of the attacks.

"Now! Use Drill Peck!" the grunt commanded them both.

But Keith was ready. "Ginny! Iron Defense!" he ordered.

"Pawn!" grunted Ginny. She rushed in and jumped up, her body hardened considerably as she took both Drill Pecks at once. Both beaks bounced off with loud clanging noises.

"Now!" Keith grinned. "Follow up with Psycho Cut!"

"Heat Wave!" ordered the grunt.

All three Flying-types (Golbat by now had escaped the Electroweb) were now flapping their wings, sending powerful waves of hot air at Ginny. She was able to fend off the Fire moves with Psycho Cut, but not for long- three beat one, and the Psycho Cut got beaten back until Ginny was hit hard with three super effective hits. The Pawniard fainted on the spot.

"Gah," Keith grunted as he withdrew the Pawniard. "Meowth, use Thunderbolt!" he ordered. "Hermione, Blizzard!"

"Heat Wave to counter Blizzard!" called the grunt. "Except you, Honchkrow- Drill Peck!"

Keith gritted his teeth as Honchkrow soared above the Heat Waves- the Fire moves won out against the Blizzard, and Hermione, Albus, and Meowth were all blown backwards into Keith. Hermione could have dodged it, but instead she wrapped herself around Albus, to try and spare her son from the worst of the attack. And now, the Honchkrow was diving down towards them, beak glowing brightly and swirling with Flying energy as it readied itself for a devastating strike. Meowth had been burned by the Heat Wave, and try as he might, it pained him too much to move, to try and attack. Hermione and Albus were both spared from a burning thanks to the Shield Dust Ability they both possessed, but this didn't mean they were any better off. Hermione struggled to move, having been severely weakened- the Heat Wave seemed to have been a critical hit on her. Albus, however, had not taken nearly as much damage, thanks entirely to his mother's heroic efforts. The best thing that could be said was that Meowth was able to knock Golbat out with Thunderbolt. Albus's eyes blazed with determination. The younger Weedle crawled forward, glaring up at the Honchkrow. His mother had just put herself in harm's way to keep him safe, and now, Albus would return the favor.

As Honchkrow drew closer, Albus's body began to glow brightly. The Bug/Poison-type started to change shape, grew taller. The round segments of his body fused together into a single rigid shape. His stingers receded, and in their place, two more stingers of limited mobility sprouted in front of him. His tail stinger didn't quite fade away, with a rather rounded point remaining for the brand new to balance upon, for indeed, the glowing faded at that point, revealing what Albus now was.

And the Honchkrow was almost upon them. Keith knew what Albus was doing, and while he wasn't too keen on him fighting this battle solo, his options were quite limited at this point. "Albus! Harden!" he called out.

"Kaku!" Albus exclaimed, a greenish glow coming over his new shell. He dug his pointed bottom into the dirt below him to hold his ground, and Honchkrow collided with Albus, the Drill Peck making an awful grinding noise against the Kakuna's hardened shell. Incredibly, Albus was able to repel the Drill Peck completely, but this by no means deterred the Honchkrow.

"You think this is over?" scoffed the grunt. "You can't beat my birds with a dinky Kakuna! Honchkrow! Fearow! Attack together! Use Sky Attack!"

"Albus, Electroweb!" Keith ordered.

"Kakuna!" Albus exclaimed, brandishing his small stingers. The stingers glowed brightly, and from them Albus launched an electrified web. This ensnared both birds and shocked them badly, but by the looks of the glow coming off of them, this did not stop their Sky Attack charging.

But Keith was undeterred. "Now use your Poison Sting!" he ordered.

"Kaaaakuna!" Albus responded. Now his stingers glowed purple, and he launched volley after volley of glowing purple spikes. The Poison Sting flew in through the Electroweb, dealing relatively minor damage, but going by the Flying-types' now sickly cries, it had successfully poisoned them. Nevertheless, the poisoned birds spread their wings to rid themselves of the Electroweb. Despite how weakened they were, they still closed in on Albus with dual Sky Attacks.

But Keith was ready. "Albus! String Shot!" he called out.

And the Kakuna knew just what to do, too- truly a combination of his father's fighting spirit and his mother's brains and ingenuity. Firing a sticky strand of string, Albus landed the end of the strand on Honchkrow's crest. Then, he reeled it in, rocking his hard body back and forth, until he had ended up on Honchkrow's back. Both Fearow and Honchkrow had built up too much momentum by this point, and they plowed into the ground, rendering the Sky Attacks woefully ineffective.

Now Keith was grinning- Albus was in perfect position. "OK! Finish them up with Bug Bite!" he ordered.

"Kaaaaa... kuna kuna kuna kuna!" Albus exclaimed. His stingers glowed green, and he rapidly jabbed at both Honchkrow and Fearow with them as the birds stirred feebly.

"How can this be?!" shrieked the grunt as he withdrew Honchkrow and Fearow. "Beaten by a Kakuna?!"

"Heh. Would you say that bugs you?" Keith quipped. The grunt did not stick around to answer, and merely turned around and ran away. Keith chuckled as he ran, though he then scooped up his Meowth, Weedle, and Kakuna, and walked back inside. Hermione was still too weakened to move much, but she still gave her son an immensely proud smile. Helena was still recuperating, so it was a good thing Keith knew how to operate that healing machine.

What? Weedle is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Weedle evolved into Kakuna!

*Albus learned Harden!*
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