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Round 2: ...Are you even reading these?

Starting the round, the Joltik begins to levitate, a Magnet Rise to get her out of the pond. ...Despite the fact she spent the latter half of last round scrambling out and is currently dripping wet on the side. Meanwhile, Buttface is stomping around for a Bulldoze, only for Tunga to unleash some sort of Screech, albeit one tinged with the fear of the unknown sends him off balance as a result of the Fairy's assault. Brandr isn't close enough to have suffered any largely adverse effects however, and as such sends a Confuse Ray at his ugly nemesis, the Snubbull becoming bewildered by the lights. Joy of joyous joys.

With Buttface wandering around like a dumbass on drugs, Jasmine leads with a Discharge, letting her rage at her incompetent ally disperse with the sparks that strike the Psychic type, a squeal of pain emerging, only to be followed by the mild crackle of electricity as Brandr is locked up by paralysis, leaving him stood there helplessly as Tunga looses an Incinerate towards the pool, aiming for where he believes the Electric type to be struggling, only for the Substitute to burn up and reveal the real bug floating in the air a few feet away from the Sub, on the far side of the pool.

Buttface and Jasmine avoided damage entirely, while Tunga took a slight nudge and Brandr took a notable blow, landing the latter on the brink of his second third. All are good for two, Jasmine's sub is gone, Buttface is confused and Brandr is paralysed. Tunga's on just over half his Fire reserves and both Buttface and Brandr have plenty of Ground and Ghost left respectively.

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