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Alright boys and girls, the participants as chosen by actual activity levels in ASB are as follows (in no particular order):

1. Eliteknight
2. dirkac
3. TheKnightsFury
4. Crys
6. Chalis
7. SilverChiko
8. Kingothestone
9. Zerozoner
10. Miror
11. Jerichi
12. KamenAeons
13. Connor
14. DarkLucarioADV
15. RealMrGame10
16. Biggggg5
17. Zelphon
18. Celebii151
19. Emi
20. Sparkbeat

The drawing for freely chosen starting positions will take place at approximately 5 PM Eastern (a little less than three hours from now), with pre-show starting whenever I feel like it. Start thinking on those entries, folks!
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