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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
No one said they wanted Origins to be a "remake" of the games. (You appear to be using the term "remake" to mean "Same setting, new plot and possibly also new characters".) The vast majority of fans, both here on UPN and abroad in places like YouTube, Reddit, and other Pokémon forums, everyone was stoked at the prospect of a game-faithful adaptation; was delighted by how faithful Origins was; was dismayed by how unfaithful it could be at times (e.g. the introduction of Gen 6's Mega Stones); and was super bummed by how short it was. The universal complaint with Origins was, "Not long enough. WE NEED MOAR!" No one told Origins to get lost or that it didn't deliver on fan desires. Everyone begged it for an encore.
Most fans wanted a game-faithful anime because they were frustrated with the direction the actual anime went. It's just an extension of artist worship, "source is superior" mentality that has dominated anime fandoms for decades. You see it in everything from Fullmetal Alchemist to Fate/stay night where the flaws of the original work are brushed under the table compared to the sins committed by the anime original material. You see in in the critics of movies like Dragonball Evolution and Ghost in the Shell, where change itself becomes a strawman by fans to object against what really are merely bad/unnecessary changes. This past season even had a lot of tension between people who read the original Youjo Senki novels and had the tendency to shill for it over the much better anime.

I don't think I'm wrong saying that people wanted Origins to be an adaption of G1 versus G3 which was what it was actually of. That might seem like splitting hairs given how close the RBY/FRLG plots compare, but it wouldn't be wrong to suggest wanted inclusion of what the ShoPro anime did right and avoidance of what they did wrong.

Like the expanded mentor role of Brock in Origins, something definitely inspired from the original anime, was welcome. Or Red turning his hat backwards which is whatever (I actually don't remember this happening in Origins proper).

Origins was also not a matter of people simply wanting cool scenes from the games adapted, because that's what Generations did (and I considered that superior) but the positive sentiment didn't carry over. Yet, I see nothing but longing for a full-length Origins despite the obvious, that it's going to be repetitive and boring with Red capturing a new member of the 150 every day, if not multiples in a day, and random battle against archetype mooks. Did we forget just how much of an indistinct grind the G1/G3 games are?

Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
I don't like how Ash appears to already have his Kalos or Alola personality out of the gate. That chipper, never-get-me-down attitude. "You can electrocute me all you like and I'll still smile at you and hold out my hand in friendship." The Kanto Ash would never do that. So you're absolutely right when you say that this is a "remake" (as in, they're making fundamental changes to the plot and to the characters themselves).
Didn't Ash always have that personality? At least, I watched the sub of Episode 1 and he felt as hot-blooded as ever, although that was not his only setting.

Anyway, the reason Kalos/Alola Ash never gets depressed is because he's constantly surrounded by beautiful women. It's freaking true! In BW, the best he got was Iris, and while Iris was a good physical match for him she had an old man personality which was a major turn-off.
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