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Hold Items

Mug of Fiery Fizzybrew Beer(Special Item)x2
~Fire type attack when used in battle.
Icy Rockx2
Northern Star Bangle
~10% effect to healing moves.

Ruby Pendant
~25% chance of infatuation against opponent.
Pink Scarf
Smooth Rock
Skull of the Forgotten Souls
~Summons skeletal ally inbattle to attack or defend.
Zombie Mask
~20% defence bonus, 20% increased status suscepability

Spell Tag
Mystic Water.
Red Card.
Dragon Gem.

His Pendant
Her Pendant
(Both when held by male/female pokemon, boosts damage by 5%)
Bubbling Cauldron
(Will either heal user 50%, heal user fully, damage user 10%, inflict random status on user, transform user into random pokemon, switch user and foe's bodies, damage foe 10%, or heal foe 50%)
Unicorn Horn
(Hold item that bestows Horn Attack)

Heart Container
(After 4 hits taken, heals 10%)
Flying Gem x4
Wave Incense.

Big Root.
Rose Incense.
Heat Rock.
Miracle Seed.

Safety Goggles.

(A special stone to be held by Abomasnow)

Key and Special Items


Gardevoir Plushie(Used on Chimchar, now for aesthetics)

Deoxys Doll (base decoration).
Fashion Case
Star Shades Accessory

Plusle Elf Plushie
Silver Egg(non-cashable)
Golden Egg(non-cashable)
Golden Egg(cashable for 3000 coins)
Haunter Plushie (Disappears on use, 5000 coins.

Foamy Seal (A)
Rainbow Egg

Key Stone

Common Consumables and Restorative Berries

Fresh Water (5/5)
Potion x25
Antidote x10
Paralyze Heal x10
Ice Heal x10
Burn Heal x10
Revive x10x11
Soda Pop x20
Lemonade x10
Blue Flutex2
Casteliacone x5
Escape Rope x10

Berry Bag
Cheri Berryx2x3x4
Chesto Berry
Rawst Berry
Aspear Berryx2
Pecha Berry
Liechi Berryx2
Custap Berry
Leppa Berryx2
Ganlon Berry
Apicot Berry
Enigma Berry
Petaya Berry
Kelpsy Berryx2x3
Persim Berryx2x3
Jaboca Berryx2x3
Occa Berryx2x3
Salac Berryx2x3

Treats, TMs and Precious Consumables

Pokeblock/Poffin Case
+20 Apple Poffin
+20 Brown Pokeblock

Technical Machine and Technique Item Case
Pika Doll(teaches Voodoo Bugaloo)
Slush Puppie (teaches Brain Freeze)x2
Magical Black Rose (Teaches Fatal Attraction)x2

Magical Espeon Plushie (teaches Copycat CM)
Magical Snowflake (Teaches Ice Barrier CM)x2
Cranberry Vodka (Teaches Firestream)
Silver Star (Teaches Wish)
Never-ending Birthday Candle (Teaches Blow-Back)
Merciless Pepper of Quetzalcatanenango (Teaches Fire Shield)
Snow Globe (Teaches Frosted Flake Fall)
Lapras Plushie (Teaches Ice Beam)

TM Shadow Ball
TM X-Scissor
TM Ice Beam
TM Frost Breath
TM Dazzling Gleam
TM Scald.
TM Thunderbolt

TM Sunny Day
TM Solar Beam
TM Energy Ball.

TM Struggle Bug
TM Grass Knot.

TM Pay Day
TM Snatch
TM Thief
TM Earthquake.

Heart Scalex2x3x4

Dawn Stone
Dusk Stone
Leaf Stone.
Moon Stone
Shoal Salt
Sacred Ash


Holographic Dark Arbok trading Card
Energy Search
Pikachu's Birthday TCx2
Holographic Clefairy TC
Holo Dark Vileplume TC
Promo Articuno TC
Holo Dark Hypno TC

Pokemon Balls

Premier Ball (0 used of 2)
Premier Ball (0 of 50 used)
Poke Ball (10 of 500 used)
Ghost Ballx2

Xmas 2009 Ball
Love Ball
Flying Ball
Leaf Ball
Thunder Ball

Pumpkin Ballx2x3
Chocolate Ballx2x3x4

Snow Ballx2x3
New Years 2012 Ball
Yellow Cyber Ball

Luxury Ballx2
Were Ball
New Years 2013 Ball

Rock Ball
Psychic Ball
Gingerbread Ballx2

Rocket Ballx2
Christmas Ballx2
New Years 2016 Ball
Red Cyber Ball

Fire Ball
Space Ball
Friend Ballx2
New Years 2017 Ball
Orange Cyber Ball
Cherish Ball

Other Berries

Shuca Berryx2
Chilan Berryx2
Haban Berry
Qualot Berryx2x3x4
Figy Berry
Pamtre Berry
Occa berryx2
Spelon Berry
Payapa Berry
Yache Berry
Rindo Berry
Chople Berry
Babiri Berryx2
Salac Berry x9


Gummi Bag
Mysterious Gummix2x3x4x5x6x7x8x9x10-20

Clear Gummix2x3x4x5x6x7x8

Green Gummix2

Brown Gummix2x3x4x5

Purple Gummix2x3x4x5x6x7x8x9x10x11x12x13x14

Gold Gummix2x3x4x5x6x7

Grass Gummix2x3x4x5x6

Sky Gummix2x3

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