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Wait this was waiting on me fuck why didn't anyone tell me?

His opponent incredibly close to him and with nowhere to go, Propaganda opens his maw and breathes an icy blast of air directly onto Aeria. The fairy has little time to react to in her worn out state, shivering violently as the freezing, pale cyan wind washes over her soft, sensitive skin. Cold but still able, Aeria decides to make a tactical retreat, twirling her now glimmering body and creating a perfect imprint of herself on the spot she was standing, scurrying off somewhere. None the wiser to the clever ploy, Propaganda grunts in exertion and creates a little distance between himself and the fey as he calls down a hail of rock energy to surround her. Now trapped in a rocky prison, the Clefable-clone appears to look around in mild concern; she seems to be going nowhere anytime soon. Propaganda smirks in contentment, although the image is perhaps marred when he cringes slightly from his burn. Aeria, sluggish, shivering, and a little worse for wear, watches on from a hidden location happily.

After creating her sub, Aeria is now in her final third of health, and is feeling quite chilled. She at least caught her breath, though. Propaganda only suffered residual burn damage, and his stamina seems to be holding up. His Rock and Ice energy pools have diminished somewhat.


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