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I enjoyed the episode. I think I would be equally fine with it being the real S3E01 or an April Fool's fake.

Spoiler: show
Some of the fans on Team Fake Premiere are pointing to the fact that Rick tells the interrogator he is going to leave three things behind in his old brain and that one of those things is his "improv" skills or some such. They then point out that there are some running gags or clues throughout the episode which suggest Rick still has his improv skills and thus is still in the prison being mind-interrogated. The gags/clues include:
  • "the Rule of 3", and the fact that a number of the recurring gags are repeated exactly three times in the episode
  • the use of toy props, and Morty's fake gun being a prominent such a one
But at the same time, I have to wonder myself that if Rick is transferring his mind from the bug brain back into a Rick brain ... wouldn't that be analogous to overwriting 97% of a 100%-filled hard drive with your data and then there's 3% of "native data" still there untouched? And if Rick does things smartly enough, couldn't he pick and choose which 97% to overwrite and which 3% to inherit? And couldn't that 3%, for example, include the abandoned improv skills?

So I dunno. Fans will be fans, and are reading into this way so much right now. We'll just have to wait and see whether it's the real S3E01 or not.

A few thoughts ...

Spoiler: show
I like that we're getting more Tammy and Bird Person. We'll have to see where it goes, of course.

Mixed feelings on the fact that we can no longer think of Rick as body-wise being Rick C-137. (And the "fake" flashback suggests that he might not even mind-wise be originally from the C-137 universe.) Like ... Morty is still C-137 Morty, Summer & Co. are still "new base of operations" Summer & Co. ... but Rick? Rick's hopped from body to body to body and there's no telling whose body he's in now. (Last number we had heard was D-99 for the one Rick, but he's dead now along with so many others ...)

Mixed feelings on the revisit to C-137 Earth and seeing what's become of Morty's parents and sister there. Seems like a stark contrast with how Rick Potion No.9 originally ended. ("I'm finally happy. ")

Mixed feelings on what appears to be the episode's justification for why/how Earth will go back to being an Earth familiar to us, i.e. one that isn't overrun with aliens and ruled by a Galactic Federation. Like ... it's clear we needed a reset, but I feel like the hard reset (e.g. a jump to a new dimension which we can call home) was the better choice here. There are too many loose ends with insisting we remain in Summer's home dimension. Like, how would life suddenly go back to normal for all the school teachers and students at Morty's and Summer's school? Seems awfully fucking doubtful that it would ...

The episode, in classic Rick and Morty fashion, does a great job of balancing fast pacing with intelligibility. It was pretty easy to follow along every step of the way and yet the talking is fast-paced, the developments non-stop.

I really liked the flashback depicting the origins of the portal gun. I want it to be real, but there's a lot going against that interpretation now that Rick's gone and declared it as make-believe. Yes, it's tragic and messed up. But man, it would lend Dimension ?-??? Rick, i.e. our Rick, a hell of a lot of pathos if we knew he not only had invented the portal gun in a desperate bid to be reunited with his wife and daughter but that he was ultimately dissatisfied with what he found. Kind of like a Monkey's Paw sort of story. IIRC in the C-137 (and similar) timeline(s) Rick's wife is still very much alive, just divorced from him. And of course Beth is still alive. Yes, he chooses to live with Beth, but like ... it's a story worth exploring to show how/why Rick was reunited with the love of his life whom he'd thought he had lost forever, only to realize "it's not her " / "she's not mine", i.e. unable to shake the nagging fact from his brain that he's appropriated some other Rick's family, and he just can't be satisfied with that.

I liked that they left the identity of the bomb dropper vague. Mostly because -- I want the bomb dropper to have been not a Rick (including the Rick who we're supposed to be red herringed into thinking it was) but instead the Evil Morty from S1E09.
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