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Having little desire to get up close and personal with his gallant foe, Alarak begins to strafe backwards, firing off an incredibly luminous cannonball of metallic energy. Mercury grunts as he is struck by the attack, blinking rapidly as he regains his visual bearings. His eyes narrow in concentration, a gurgling mass of shadow coalescing in front of him before rocketing towards Alarak. Unfortunately for the behemoth, Gallade's aim was true. Metagross roars in agony as the ghastly winds wash over his body, his arm lashing out towards Mercury. Another brilliant burst of energy slams into the knight's body, as Alarak once more begins to back away. Mercury, very unhappy with being hit again, is no longer content sticking to long-range combat, and decides to bum-rush the four-legged abomination. Leaping towards the retreating Metagross, he smashes his now glowing arm directly into his foe's skull. Alarak once more screams in pain at the targeted assault, only to be slashed across the face by a blade as dark as the night itself. Mercury smirks in triumph at his wounded foe, a little worn down but clearly pleased at seeing the robotic creature thrash around in pain.

Alarak took an incredibly heavy beating this round, his vitality sailing past the midpoint. He's still relatively fresh compared to his foe, who is panting from exertion. Mercury took a pretty hard hit this round as well, but nothing compared to what dished out. The combatants are about three feet apart.


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