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Missingno. Master:

Kit looks up at you with wide, watery eyes. "Gem-... wants to meet me?" He asked, quiet and hoarse, and for the first time, it becomes apparent that he's familiar with the other young man. He glances at the old woman, and then grabs your wrist and hoists himself to his feet -- using you as leverage to do so -- and with a sudden feverishness, bolts out the door, yanking you behind him despite your plans to lead the way. He's moving at such a sprint that your Pokémon struggle to hold on as you careen down the hill, kicking up dirt from the path as you go. You hear the old woman scream as you flee, the sound echoing and unearthly; it's such an unnatural sound that you dare not look back.

When you hit the foot of the hill, Kit trips, and rolls several times, but he's jacked full of adrenaline and hits his feet still sprinting, though he no longer has hold on you. The two of you -- and your Pokémon -- tear through the field, and with every step the well in the distance morphs from a speck to an increasingly distinct and visible structure. Gem's bright red cap is the first thing you see of him, before his silhouette comes into full view. Having been staring idly into the well, he's alerted by the sounds of your footfalls, and turns just in time for Kit to slam, with full force, into his chest. They almost go tumbling into the well, but Gem's quick reflexes land them on the grass instead. As you catch up, you find that Kit is actually hugging Gem around the neck, a look of pure relief on his face.

"I thought you'd left me," he gasps. Then he pauses a beat, and scowls. "...I thought you'd left me!"

There's a thwack as he slaps Gem, smooth across the face, and by the sounds of it it must have hurt, but Gem just laughs. Despite the violence, there's a moment of genuine joy in the field, both young men laughing, but of course it can't last.

The wind kicks up, ominous and far too cold for the season, and you realize it's coming from the house behind you. Turning, you find the old woman descending the walkway at a slow but very determined pace, her robes billowing like smoke. No, not like smoke -- it is smoke! She seems to be melting into the wind, in dark shakes of gold and olive green, mouth open in a perpetual scream. By the time she reaches the edge of the field, she no longer appears to be human; rather, she is little more than an ethereal, vaguely humanoid cloud of smoke. In fact, you've seen the shape before, but you take your Pokédex anyway, just to be certain.

Originally Posted by Pokedex
Mismagius, the Magical Pokémon. Mismagius have been known to cast spells to make people fall in love, so some people search for this Pokémon as if their life depended on it.
You don't know Kit nor Gem particularly well, but you have the sneaking suspicion that her role in their life is a touch ironic, considering the Pokédex entry. However, this is not the time to consider the nuances of the modern family, as the ghostly Pokémon is advancing quickly, and she does not look pleased. Albus is very young, and Meowth may not be the best suited to help you deal with this problem. What will you do?
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