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Missingno. Master:

"Sableye?" The old woman scoffed. Her yellow-grey hair was swept up in a tight, unreasonably ornate up-do. Three hefty rubies hang from her neck, the largest one in the center. The necklace looks incredibly old. In a truly unnerving gesture, he reaches up and touches your cheek, her sleeve billowing. The hand is ice cold and immediately makes you feel clammy.

"Good riddance to that garbage Pokémon," she said, with no warmth in her tone. Kit knits his brows, and despite his fear, he spoke up.

"He isn't garbage," he defended, voice cracking faintly. The old woman turned to him with a scowl on her face, and backhanded him without warning. With a yelp, Kit falls to the ground, clutching his face.

"You will not disrespect me," she informs the boy, curtly. Kit stares up at her, eyes glassy.

"He's not garbage," he repeats, tone more firm. For all his fear, Sableye seems to mean a great deal to him. The old woman laughs.

"No?" she taunts. "Then where is he? Certainly not here. He abandoned you, Fuego. That disgusting little creature doesn't care what happens to you."

She emits a cruel laugh, as Kit's wet eyes finally overflow. He looks down at the floor as tears streak his cheeks. All the while, the old woman is laughing. What will you do?
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