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Missingno. Master:

You’re going in circles now, it seems. Heading back up the hill, you knock, yet again, on the door. It takes just as long for anyone to answer the door as it did the last time, and while you’re waiting, you look back to Gem, only to find that he’s no longer there. A quick scan of the field, however, find him standing next to the old, dry well you had passed not very long ago. In fact, you recall, Albus had led you to that same well while looking for the missing Vulpix. You don’t have time to wonder about the significance of the well, however, as the deadbolts echo inside and then the door swings open, once again revealing the boy named Kit. He looks even more on edge than last time, leaning in close to you as he hisses -- at just barely a whisper -- “What do you want now?”

He glances back at the stairwell inside, and then scowls at you. “Did you find him?” he asks, with a clandestine air. “Did you find my Sableye? My little gem-eater?”

His voice sounds almost begging, but you don’t get a chance to answer him, either, because a door slams unstairs and reverberates through the house. In a moment, Kit goes utterly pale, and tries to shut the door on you, but it’s too late. Behind him, a gaunt old woman appears, as sudden as a ghost, dressed in a flowing olive-and-gold robe.

“Fuego,” she bellows, addressing Kit. The young man turns, to her, brows knit in utter terror. “What do you think you’re doing, child?”

Kit is too frightened to respond. The old woman’s gaze flickers suddenly to you, and her dark eyes narrow sinisterly. “Get off of my property,” she demands, coldly. Kit looks at you, eyes searching and desperate. Will you do as the woman says, and abandon him?
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