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"Look, I just-... I just have to talk to him," Gem insists; much like the other boy, he's not very good at answering your questions. He begins pacing in front of you, eyes flickering towards the house on the hill, and for the first time since you'd met him, you notice that his irises are a bright, bright red. As he paces, he mutters to himself, considering his options. Finally, his head snaps up, and he looks at you with with wild eyes.

"Tell him I know where it is," he blurts, finally. "His Sableye. Tell him I'll meet him at the old well, and I'll have it with me. Okay-? J-just bring him to me, please-..."

His request is strange and he isn't answering your questions, but he doesn't seem malicious. What will you do?

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Was it just Keith, or was it becoming impossible to get a simple, straight answer out of anyone today? Gem showed just as much hesitance to answer Keith as the other guy did. What was more, Keith got a look at Gem's eyes for the first time, and he could see that the irises were a bright red. All of this struck Keith as odd, but as oddly as Gem was acting, Keith got the feeling there was no malicious intent behind his request, strange as said request was. "Alright," Keith agreed. "I'll tell him." He was damn curious about all this, he wanted very much to know what all this was about, but right now, he had a feeling he wasn't about to get any answers until he got this going.

"...Wat is goin' on here?" Meowth asked Keith as Keith began to climb back up the hill again. "He asks youse ta find his Vulpix, so youse goes to da house where dis other guy gets ya lookin' fer his Sableye, which Gem says he's got- ehhh, my head hurts," he grumbled.

"I just want to know what the hell's going on here," Keith stated. "Alright, let's talk to this guy again," he added, before knocking on the farmhouse's door again.

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