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Gem waits for you to descend the hill, but at the mention of the young man at the door, he visibly tensed. Then, at the mention of the white Sableye, he tenses further.

"A white Sableye...?" He presses, not looking you in the eye. There is guilt in his time. "I, uh-... I don't know about that-... h-hey. Maybe you could bring that boy down here?"

Gem fidgets with his hands, and begins to bite a thumbnail. He's clearly not telling you everything he knows. What will you do?

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Keith watched Gem's reaction as he explained the situation, and boy, did Gem ever react. He tensed up at the mention of who answered the door, even moreso at the mention of the white Sableye, and when he responded to Keith, it was with a complete lack of eye contact and enough guilt in his tone to make a Banette salivate. He was getting fidgety, and Keith got the feeling he wasn't getting the whole story here. In fact, he could practically feel Myrtle's Poké Ball rattle on his belt- that Banette of his could probably sense the guilt straight through her Poké Ball.

"OK, well, he didn't really seem like he's up for much in the way of talking," Keith said. "But in any case... I kinda feel like I'm not getting the whole story here, y'know? Gem, if you know something about this guy or his Sableye, just tell me. I'm not looking to get anyone in trouble here, I just want everyone to get their Pokémon back, y'know? I mean, if finding this guy's Sableye can lead to you getting your Vulpix back, and you know something that could help, I'd say this would be the perfect time to tell me."

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