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Marvolo grinned at Amethyst's words, and even moreso as she licked him, practically melting at the sensation. Soon afterwards, they overheard Hyrem making plans to visit Keith's Secret Base. Marvolo nodded as his daughters agreed with their mother- he too was very much in favor of his family getting to visit him at Keith's place, and indeed, he had exactly the mischievous expression on his face that Amethyst was hoping to see. "I'll help any way I can," Marvolo promised.

Keith smiled as Leila also jumped onto Hyrem to meet the other Weavile. "Hi, Leila! I'm Lenny," replied the brown and blue Weavile.

"And I brought someone else I think Leila's gonna be happy to see," Keith said to Hyrem, Sirius's Poké Ball already in his hand. "So, Hyrem, have you caught any new Pokémon lately?" he asked.

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