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Hearing Marvolo tell their daughters they were learning from the best, Amethyst grinned with pride. "Absolutely~ And there's always more to learn. After all, I'm not the only one that is the best in our family~" she hissed before advancing to her mate, giving him a nice, long lick starting with his nose and ending with his forehead, then doing similar to her kids albeit shorter ones, both of the smaller serpents giggling at the tongue that tickled their bodies.

It was at this point that the family overheard what Hyrem and Keith were discussing. "Wow, you've really got a full blown Pokemon Center? That's gotta be a lot of work to run! Good thing you've got a Nurse Joy to cover for you too...Now I'll really have to come visit, I need to see it for myself!"

"Ooo, you hear that?" Amethyst asked. "Our trainer just might be visiting your father's place in the near future! And it wouldn't do for him not to bring us, right~"
"Right~" both Kinana and Sorano hissed in unison.
"Well, that settles that then! And it should be easy to...convince him to make plans for all of us right now! With your help, of course~" said Amethyst, turning to Marvolo, hoping he would have the same mischievous expression that his family did.

Lenny, meanwhile, had jumped into Hyrem's arms and given him a big hug, a sign that he was really friendly. As Keith explained how he got the strangely colored feathered weasel, Hyrem could feel the soft fur coat, very similar to that of Leila's, and was reminded of when she would cuddle with him (and still does sometimes!). "So you might be one of a kind, huh buddy?" he asked Lenny. "Hey Leila, come on up, I want to show you someone!" he called down to the basement. A few moments pass, and another Weavile showed up, this one with the more common colors you would see of Weavile and with shorter feathers signifying a female. Leila saw Hyrem and grew curious of the other Weavile in his arms, so she jumped onto his back, causing him to shift a little to maintain his balance, before sniffing this new, younger Weavile and finding him to be okay (because he's only a visitor...right?). "Hi there, new guy! I'm Leila, what's yours?" she asked Lenny.

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