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Originally Posted by rotomotorz View Post
For what its worth 17 is much more diverse over a period of time. The meta used to be all about koko celesteela and then it became Lele Metagross and now we have Fini Pory2 as the most powerful pokemon with things like chomp, muk, arcanine, alolawak, gyarados, gastrosdon, krookodile, and a few other mons popping in and out of favor. 14 was ok but honestly i much prefer this as its an actual meta instead of everyone just building cores that all looked the same even if the pokemon were different.
Alolawak is nowhere near as common now, really, although that doesn't mean that it's bad. Because it really isn't.

Melbourne/Australia is known for using odd things that somehow work (a megaless team made top 8 2015 Melbourne regionals, for instance) so I'm excited to see what my country can come up with... Heck, I'm running an AV Celesteela.
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