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Foresight (NO) -- The user shoots out a red beam from its eyes, using good energy to fill the arena with the light, which fades immediately. Double Team, Invisibility, etc. will prove to be worthless, and the user of Substitute will be shown, among other effects. Ghosts will be physical for the duration of Foresight. The effects of Foresight last for 7-10 rounds, regardless of whether the user is switched or KO'd.

Where exactly does it say that? The moves listed above are (what I call) attention displacers, so Foresight would make sense to work; however, with physical impediments/obstructures, it doesn't make sense (to me anyway) for Foresight to work. For example, if foresight wouldn't make the user (said user can't see in the dark) find an opponent in darkness, why would it enable the user to find an opponent in a mist or fog? At most, I think the user should be able to identify the location of the user WHEN the move is used. This is because if we assume Foresight works by light being reflected off the opponent and back into the eyes of the user, then the user of Foresight would be able to find the opponent at the time Foresight is used; however, it wouldn't logically make sense for the user of Foresight to have perfect knowledge of the location of the opponent after the move is used in regards to physical impediments such as darkness, smookescreen, smog, mists, etc.

Am I overlooking something or reading too deep?
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