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Kawaii nodded at kieth's coment, "yeah, priscilla likes being cute. What is interesting is that she still wants to evolve. Maybe she wants to show the world that slaking can be cute."
As the two trainer's talked Frieghya hopped back up onto the counter and trotted over to the nearest window. As the sunlight flowed over her fur she began to shimmer. At this Kawaii looked up and gasped.
The pink colored eevee grew brighter and larger. Then the light died down and in the normal type's place was a gorgeous light pink espeon. Her forehead jewl was even an opal like white instead of dark pink. The female trainer smiled and blinked back tears. "oh my goodness Frieghya I can't believe it." Kawaii ran over to her newly evolved companion and wrapped the graceful psychic-type in a hug. "what happened? Why did this happen?"
The espeon shrugged I figured it was time, we've both grown so much.
Meanwhile Noxie shook her head "you didn't hurt me. I'm Noxie by the way."
Kigga waved a ball-like leg "My name is Kigga. This is my close friend Priscilla"
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