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To be honest, after much testing, special tanky Arcanine is much better off with Sitrus Berry & Flamethrower than Burn Up and Firium Z, and is probably the route I'll try next before transitioning into full physical Arcanine. The reason I've kept myself away from physical Arcanine is mostly because, as already noted, the team has a heavy physical bias to begin with. In giving sitrus to Arcanine, I could give Gyarados a Waterium Z instead, as, even when resisted, it packs a much bigger punch when after a DD boost. Hydro Vortex also provides a better answer to Mudsdale, as unboosted it can still get OHKO even after a Stamina boost. I'm also considering Taunt instead of Ice Fang. Mono-Water attacker is not terrible tbh, and Taunt helps deal with Trick Room and other shenanigans a little better. Gastrodon tho... well, it's not like Ice Fang does much against it anyways.

On the subject of Garchomp, I do indeed find Dragon Claw to be not too useful nowadays, especially given the popularity of Tapu Fini, and 'Chomp would likely be better off with Poison Jab instead. However, I disagree on Fire Fang not hitting anything relevant. It hits Kartana & Scizor really well, and it also helps pressure Celesteela whereas Rock Slide does close to nothing to it other than hopefully roll for flinch-hax. For reference other than my own experience, Aaron Zheng has been running EQ/PJ/FF himself rather succesfully. As for choice of item, I found Assault Vest on 'Chomp to be rather underwhelming, and I think I'll find Groundium Z a better choice in order to have a single-target ground-type nuke at my disposition should the need arise. AV Chomp is bulky, yes, but being able to Protect against incoming Ice Beams is much better, imo.

Tsareena with Light Screen is an option worthy of consideration, and I'll try toying around with a Trop Kick/High Jump Kick/Light Screen/Protect set with perhaps Light Clay. I do however also like the immediate bulk AV provides, and I guess it'll ultimately depend on whether or not I find a better AV user.

Lastly, I also agree I lack an obvious answer to Tapu Lele, and in that regards, Metagross and Alola-Muk are the most obvious considerations. Muk also has the benefit of kind of dissuading Trick Room use, especially the Curse set. Given that I just bred a good one, I'll likely experiment with it before trying Metagross. Right off the bat however, I don't like how both of them make the team even weaker to Earthquake, which is an issue that Porygon2 or Snorlax don't really care for, and unless Lele packs Psychum Z, Snorlax can threathen with Heavy Slam. All of this considered, another possibly good idea would be to try out Scizor. AV Scizor can run a similar role to AV Metagross while having a better typing. Iron Head still KO's Lele. I'm thinking of trying an Iron Head/Bullet Punch or X-Scissor/Brutal Swing /Feint set for it. I could try running only Bullet Punch instead of Iron Head, but it falls short of the OHKO without a boosting item besides the whole Psychic Terrain issue to overcome.


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