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Firstly, your Arcanine and Garchomp are somewhat outdated. Burn Up is not as good as the more consistant flamethrower or flare blitz, and snarl doesn't fit on what seems to be an offensive set. I would suggest physical with Wild Charge instead of Snarl, Flare Blitz or Flamethrower instead of Burn up, and the Electrium Z for the surprise burst on Tapu Fini and potentially milotic(though by now people know about Electrium Z arcanine and play accordingly, leading to an ironic situation where arcanine may scare your opponent's water types.)

Your Chomp is also 3 years old, no offense. Dragon Claw and Fire Fang both hit nothing important, and should be replaced with Poison Jab(Tapus and Nintails) and Rock Slide/Stone Edge(Araq/Nintails/Arcanine if you don't want to EQ). Rocky Helmet is also only OK, but being Specially defensive is much better so that enemy Porygon2 don't get Download boosts off your pokemon. Groundium Z is usually a better choice for the burst and Ground coverage without hitting your ally. AV is another option which I'll talk about below

Tsareena is an ok choice if you're into that but I would save the Assault Vest for Garchomp, who likes the bulk, or Metagross, which I recommend as your sixth option. I say this mostly because Tsareena has some pretty good support options, mainly Charm and Screens. Its an option worth considering and I would recommend playing around with the Assault Vest on different mons and trying out supporting options (I would remove play rough for these if you want to try this as that doesn't hit much, only Chomp and maybe Hariyama which trop kick is sufficient)

Tapu Koko on your full physical team should probably be full special, given that it takes less self inflicted damage and isn't weak to intimidate. Thunderbolt Dazzling Gleam Discharge Protect with a Magnet is standard, though you can play around with it a little bit. I would just recommend keeping it special.

For you final Pokemon, I would suggest Metagross to scare off Tapu Lele and Alolan Ninetails, because both of those decimate your team(aside from Arcanine who is fairly threatening to Ninetails). AV Metagross is currently all the rage, but you can probably get away with another item like a 25% berry, air balloon, or maybe a Z crystal (though your team is kinda loaded with those and chomp + canine need it more than Metagross). Band is also something you cna try but band is really only good with Tapu lele for the zen headbutt damage, but you could always try. Meteor Mash, Zen headbutt, and Hammer Arm are the three common damage moves, with either protect or bullet punch/EQ if protect can't be run (AV, Band).

Your team as a whole is offensive and pretty solid at that. As I said before, Metagross deals with Ninetails and Lele, and even if you don't choose to use Metagross a Lele counter is an absolute must as you don't have one which puts you are a pretty big risk to it. Another pokemon which you need to fear is Milotic. Competitive kinda throws your whole team off, so you have to be careful when you see one on the enemy team and play around it. Tapu koko scares it, but if you're forced to send an intimidator in front of a Milotic the competitive and adrenaline orb I believe it can outspeed so watch out for that. It's a little bit unfortunate that Tsareena also fears milotic as trop kick is also going to proc competitive, but if you focus it down early you should be ok. Another smaller threat you should be aware of is Mudsdale, as your team is predominantly physical and so dealing with mudsdale might be difficult. Even with stamina though, your intimidate comp helps, asdoes trop kick, so even with a few defense boosts his damage will be weakened. TrickRoom as a whole is a general threat to a fast team such as yours, but you're decently equipped to deal damage quickly, which means trick room teams will likely be playing on the back foot if you set your leads right. Still somethign to watch out for though, especially towards the end of a match where trick room can become a strong win con
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