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The Guardian Of Ryuu Town! Shibo, Dusty and the Ebony Flute.

"Wait, so this town we're going to, it's holding a special tournament honouring Dragon Types?" Jake questioned.

"Exactly." Sophie said as the pair continued to walk down a small dirt path, their destination just ahead.

"But....whats the point of us going? Back at Rayo town you seemed to make this out to be a big thing...." Jake replied.

"It is. The winner of the tournament is awarded a Z-Ring and a Normalium Z! If we're serious about getting stronger we definitely got to get one of those!" Sophie exclaimed.

"Z-Ring? Normalium Z? I don't know what those even are....." Jake muttered.

"They're tools required for pulling off Z moves. They're attacks brimming with power. It's sort of like a Mega Evolution for one of your attacks. If you want to get revenge on those freaks who attacked you back in Rayo town, you'll definitely need one." Sophie explained.

"They sound cool." Jake said as he gave a brief nod. "How did you know about those people who attacked me though? I don't think I ever mentioned that...."

"You did, you probably just forgot, is all." Sophie said. "But nows not the time for that, we're here, this is Ryuu town!"

"Oh wow." Jake murmured as he took in what was before him. The town was certainly smaller then fact it looked more like a small village!

Many people were running along the paths that weaved around each building, quickly preparing for the upcoming festival..

"Welcome to Ryuu town! I trust you're here for the festival?" A old woman asked as she slowly walked towards the pair.

"That's right! I'm Sophie, and this is my friend...Jake!" Sophie explained.

"Hello." Jake said as he gave a brief wave to the lady.

"It's nice to meet you both...I'm Flora, I'm the organizer of this lovely event. I'm guessing you've come from pretty far away, in that case why don't you come to my place for a cup of tea? I'll fill you in on all the details of the tournament while we're there."

"Sounds good to me, what do you say Jake?" Sophie asked.

"I'm ok with it." Jake replied.

"Lovely. Follow me, my place is just over here." Flora said before slowly walking towards a small red house not too far from the plaza.

As the trio passed through the small town, Jake couldn't help but notice a large statue in the middle of the town. The statue showed a young lady pointing to the sky, a fearsome Flygon beside her.

Once inside Flora's home, the old lady ushered the teens to a small wooden table.
"Here, you two take a seat....and feel free to bring out any of your Pokemon if you wish, everyone is welcome here.

"Umm...thank you." Jake said as he took a seat. The teen then grabbed a Pokeball from his belt and quietly sent out a Pokemon. From the Pokeball emerged a Trapinch, who quickly looked around, hoping to find an opponent to face. Once she had realised there wasn't a battle at all, the Ant Pit Pokemon hopped up onto her trainers lap.

"That's a cute Trapinch you have there. What's it's name?" Flora asked.

"Her name is Dusty." Jake replied.

"That's a very good name.....What kind of tea do you kids want?" Flora asked.

"I'll pass on the tea" Jake said.

"Orange pekoe if you have any!" Sophie exclaimed.
"So Flora, if you don't mind me asking..what's the point of this festival anyway?" Jake asked as the lady passed Sophie her tea.

"Hmm...well it's been a tradition of this place for roughly seventy years..." Flora explained.

"Seventy years? That's a long time." Sophie said.

"It is, but this town has a very good reason for doing it. I could tell you the story, but it'll probably take a bit." Flora said.

"I'd love to hear it." Jake said. "...If that's ok with you."

"Yeah I'd love to hear it as well." Sophie added.

"Well it all began when I was just nine years old...or was I ten? I can't remember. Back then this place was nothing but a tiny village. It was usually quite peaceful back then. It was like any other morning, until a giant void filled the sky, and a strange beast came through it. It was as if it came from another world!" Flora exclaimed.

"A beast from another world? Are you sure?" Jake asked.

"It was nothing any of us had seen before! The beast was thirsty for destruction or started to lash out at the people of the village, it couldn't be stopped." Flora continued. "We had all given up hope until she appeared..."

"She?" Sophie questioned.

"Just wait a second, I'm getting there!" Flora exclaimed. "The youth of today have no patience anymore! Anyway where was I? One morning a giant void filled the sky, and a strange beast....wait no I've already said that!" Flora exclaimed.

"You were going to tell us about someone appearing" Jake said.

"Oh that's right! Just when we'd given up all hope a young lady appeared. She wore weird clothes for the was quite strange really. Not that any of us really cared since our small village was up in flames and such. Anyway she and her partner Flygon stood up to the beast and managed to drive it away with a Z-Move.
It was the most powerful attack I've ever seen to this day. Once the beast was gone the girl left, leaving behind a Z-Ring and a Normalium Z in case we ever needed help again. In her honour we held a festival every year, celebrating her and her Flygon for saving us." Flora finished.

"Wow that's amazing!" Jake exclaimed.

"Indeed, what happened to the gifts she gave the town though?" Sophie asked.

"They're still here to this day, held in the Dragon's temple at the edge of this very town, guarded by the new guardian of this place, Salamence." Flora explained.

"One day I'm going to be even stronger then that Flygon!" Dusty exclaimed. "I'll be the ultimate dragon!"

Jake laughed at the Trapinch before patting her on the head. "Maybe one day you will."

"Well that was a nice story and all, Flora can you tell us how to sign up for the tournament?" Sophie asked.

"You need to get permission from the mayor first." Flora explained.

" mean you're not the mayor?" Jake asked.

"While the mayor does indeed live here, I am not her. That title belongs to my granddaughter." Flora explained.

"Do you know when she's going to be back? We really need to sign up for that tournament." Sophie said.

"Fret not young granddaughter should be home soon...while we wait, I wanted to show you something." Flora said before standing up and grabbing something from her shelf.

It was a painting, carefully protected by a fancy frame. The painting showed what Jake assumed to be the girl in the story, doing several different poses, including a weird one of her making a z shape with her arms.

"These are cool! Did you make this?" Jake asked.

"I did. I owe her for saving me and my home, the least I could do was make this piece in her honour." Flora explained.

"Wow, she's really pretty, I think you did a good job." Sophie said.

"Yeah...what's she doing here though?" Jake asked, pointing to the weird pose he had noticed earlier.

"That's her preforming the Z move Breakneck Blitz. In order for a Z move to work one must make the correct movements." Flora explained.

At that moment the door to the house swung open and a young woman entered, a Houndoom right behind her. The woman was quite tall, and had long, silky black hair.

"Shelly! It's so good to see you home. Are you done with all that work for now?" Flora asked.

"Of course I am grandma." Shelly said before turning to the two teens at the table. "And who are these two?"

"I'm Sophie, and this is my friend Jake. It's nice to meet you." Sophie said.

"Umm, have we met before?" Jake asked. "You look really familiar...."

"I noticed that too." Sophie said.

"I seem to be getting that a lot! But no, I don't believe we've met before." Shelly said. "I assume you're here for the festival?"

"That's right!" Sophie exclaimed.

"Ok then, follow me, I have some forms just over here." Shelly said before showing the pair into an office. From there she picked up two papers from the stack on her desk and handed them to Jake and Sophie.

"We need to sign this form?" Sophie asked.

"Of course! What tournament have you went to that doesn't make you?" Shelly asked.

"Come to think of it, I don't remember signing one in Rayo town...." Jake murmured.

"Hey Shelly, if you're the mayor, and everyone has to go through you to join the tournament, why does your grandma organise the event? Is it because you're too busy?" Sophie asked.

" see I'm actually not around all that much." Shelly explained.

"Why's that?" Sophie questioned.

"Well, I have another job besides being the mayor of this town. This festival costs a lot of money. I've considered cancelling the festival many times, but my grandma loves it...I don't want to break her heart, so I'm constantly out trying to earn enough money for her..."

"Oh.....sorry I didn't mean to pry." Sophie said.

"It's fine. Are you done signing the forms?" Shelly asked.

"Yep, here you are." Jake said before passing the form.

"I'm done as well." Sophie said before passing hers.

"Perfect, thank you both. I just need to grab one more thing before you're registered, hold on a second."

"Mayor! Terrible news! It's a disaster!" A man shouted before entering the house.

"Now calm down....tell me what's going on." Shelly said calmly.

"It's terrible, the Ebony Flute has been stolen!" The man exclaimed.

"That's terrible! Do we have any idea who did it?" Shelly asked.

"Yes! Everyone has the beast cornered in the plaza, come quickly!" The man exclaimed before running out.

"I'm sorry to delay your registration, but I really do need to tend to this." Shelly explained.

"That's ok, we'll go with you....right Jake?"

"Right, we'll help you get that Ebony flute....whatever that is." Jake said.

"Thank you both, now let's get going. Grandma, you stay here." Shelly said before running out the door, Sophie right behind her.

"Wait up!" Jake called before scooping up Dusty and running off.
As Jake approached the plaza, he noticed a small mob surrounding something. "Kill the beast! Kill the beast!" Jake could hear the crowd chanting.

"Silence everyone!" Shelly yelled, causing the crowd to quickly disperse, revealing the beast they had been harassing. To Jake's horror it wasn't a beast at all, but a Lickitung! The poor Pokemon was shaking in fear of the crowd that stood before it.

But something was different about this was wearing a familiar amulet... It was the Lickitung he had met back in Rayo town!

"Lickitung!" Jake called out, causing licking Pokemon to look up in surprise. Jake quickly put Dusty down, before running over to the Lickitung. The Lickitung in turn gave the trainer a slobbery lick!

"Ah! That stings!" Jake cried out. "You need to warn me next time." He chuckled before turning to the crowd.

"I'm sorry everyone, but this is all one big misunderstanding, this Lickitung didn't steal your flute." Jake explained.

"Though I wish to believe you, we don't have any evidence that this is not our culprit" Shelly said.

"Kill the beast! Kill the beast!" The crowd began to chant once more.

"You can't kill this Pokemon, we have no proof it's done anything wrong!" Sophie exclaimed.

"Just say the word and I'll take them all out." Dusty said to her trainer.

"I don't think that'll be necessary Dusty, I'm sure they're reasonable people.." Jake replied.

"Let's have a vote!" Shelly exclaimed. "Raise your hand if you think this Pokemon is our flute thief."

In unison, nearly all of the crowd had raised their hand.

"Then it is settled. This beast shall be slain at the start of the Dragon Festival tonight!" Shelly exclaimed, causing the crowd to let out a cheer.

Jake couldn't believe his ears! How could anyone kill a Pokemon, innocent or not?

"This is barbaric!" Sophie exclaimed as Shelly began to walk towards the group.

"I won't allow you to take this Lickitung! You have no evidence of who took the flute! It's obvious that Lickitung has been framed!" Jake exclaimed.

"That's too bad, Ryuu town has spoken. If you don't move then I'll have no choice but to burn you to a crisp." Shelly explained coldly, as her Houndoom began to snicker.

"This isn't going to solve anything! The real culprit could be getting away." Jake said.

"It's no use Jake. Nothing is going to convince her..." Sophie said.

"I can't just let this Lickitung die! It's an innocent Pokemon." Jake replied.

"If you're so sure that this Lickitung is innocent, then prove it." Shelly said. "If you can find the Ebony flute before tonight, then I will let this Lickitung go."

"Deal." Jake said before turning to the Lickitung. "Don't worry, we'll get you out of here....I promise." With that Jake quickly scurried away, Sophie and Dusty quick behind him.
"This is terrible! There's no way we can find this flute in time!" Jake exclaimed as the trio began to walk around the town.

"We have no leads, and we don't even know why this flute is so important, or what it even does!"

"It's not completely hopeless, we could always ask someone....though I suppose Shelly is out...and most the townsfolk...." Sophie said.

"......what about Flora? She seems to know a lot about this she's the only one that's not absolutely crazy." Jake said.

"Well what are we waiting for? We better hurry!" Sophie exclaimed.
"So you two have returned! How was it?" Flora asked upon greeting the pair at the door.

"Not good....can we come in for a moment?" Sophie asked.

"Of course! Make yourselves right at home!" Flora exclaimed.

"So did you want more tea? I've still got lots of hot water." Flora said ads the pair sat at the old wood table once more.

"I'm fine." Sophie said. "We actually need some you know anything about the Ebony flute?"

"Of course I do! That thing is very important in this town! It's a treasure even older then what the great hero gave us." Flora explained.

"What does it do exactly? Why is it so valuable?" Jake asked.

"It is said that the sound of the flute is so soft and pure that any Pokemon will automatically obey you should you wish. Though it's never been used for generations, many even question if it's powers are but a legend."

"I can see why whoever stole it would do so, that flute seems like a dangerous tool." Jake said.

"Jake I think I know where the thief might be!" Sophie exclaimed.

"Wait what? How?!"

"They're probably at the Dragon's temple....where the Z-Ring and the guardian Salamence are." Sophie said.

"Why would you think that?" Jake asked.

"Think about it, if they're already stealing one of the treasures, why not the other? With the flute they can take the Salamence and the Z-Ring without worry." Sophie explained.

"I didn't even think of that! Even if the culprit isn't there, it may still be a great place to start." Jake said.

"I'm glad I could help. The temple is at the other end of the town from where we met" Flora explained. "And please, be safe out there, that includes you Dusty."

"We will, thanks for everything!" Sophie exclaimed before running out the door.
Dusty turned to Flora and gave her a brief wave before leaving with her trainer.
"So this is the temple? It looks really run down...are you sure we're in the right place?" Jake asked.

"I think so....maybe not as many people are as fond of the hero as Flora...." Sophie said.

"If the thief is in there, we should be prepared for a fight....are you ready Dusty?" Jake asked.

"I was born ready, that thief won't know what hit them!" Dusty exclaimed.

With that, the three entered the run down building in hopes of finding the flute inside.

Despite the run down look on the outside, the inside of the temple looked like it was kept in pristine condition, much to Jake's surprise. It was smaller then Jake had imagined, just a large room dotted with pretty lights. In the center of the room, a large flight of stairs.

"So this is i-"

"Shh, Jake quiet." Sophie whispered. "Listen"

The room quickly grew quiet...wait no...Jake could hear voices coming from upstairs. He couldn't quite make out what the voices were saying, but the teen realised that there was definitely more then one!

"Let's hurry, we need to get that flute back." Jake whispered before he began to creep up the stairs.

Once he was at the top, Jake noticed a large room in front of him. In the center was large pedestal which seemed to have a strange bracelet upon it. At the very back was a rather large Salamence, larger then any Jake had seen before. Walking towards the back of the room was a pair of adults, wearing grey lab coats, a black x stitched on the back and side.

"Stop right there thieves!" Sophie exclaimed, causing the pair to turn around.

"Well look who it's Jake, here to try and stop us again. The boss said that you were on our trail, but I didn't think you'd make it in time." Fredrick said.

"You know these two Jake?" Sophie asked.

"Unfortunately, these two were the ones that attacked me back in Rayo town..." Jake explained.

"Don't think you can beat us like last time, that stupid Manectric isn't here to save you any longer!" Victoria exclaimed. "Once we defeat you, we'll use this flute and Z-Ring to make sure Team Catalyst prevails!"

"Team Catalyst? That's some nice information....are you sure you wanted us to hear that?" Sophie asked.

"Way to go Victoria! Why don't you spill all our plans while you're at it!" Fredrick exclaimed.

"Well it's not like it matters anyway! Once we bring this flute back to the base we'll be unstoppable." Victoria explained.

"I guess you're right. This is for making fools of us at Rayo town!" Fredrick exclaimed before tossing a Pokeball into the air. From the ball emerged the Scarecrow Pokemon, Cacturne.

"Porygon-Z let's show these two that we're not to messed with!" Victoria called before sending out the Virtual Pokemon.

"Let's show them what we're made of Pom!" Jake exclaimed as he threw a Pokeball into the air. From the ball materialised the long tail Pokemon, Ambipom.

"Let's give it our all Scraps!" Sophie called before calling out the hoodlum Pokemon, Scrafty.

Pom turned to his partner, recognising the Scrafty. He had fought him back when he was a Scraggy, alongside Cyanide. The Ambipom remembered that battle quite well, it had allowed him to evolve after all. Still, Pom was glad to see such a formidable Pokemon was on his side now.

"Scraps let's boost your strengths with Dragon Dance, then use Brick Break on Porygon-Z!" Sophie exclaimed.

"Pom use Gunk Shot on Cacturne, next use Screech on Porygon-Z!" Jake called out to the Ambipom.

"Porygon-Z use Thunderbolt on Ambipom, then Aerial Ace on Scrafty!" Victoria barked.

"Cacturne go for Brick Break on Ambipom, then follow with Seed Bomb on Scrafty!" Fredrick yelled.

Pom was the first to act, and quickly began to gather slime and garbage into an orb of toxic energy! The Ambipom then fired the energy at Cacturne, causing the Scarecrow Pokemon to cry out!

Eager to get in on the action, Porygon-Z started to channel electrical energy within itself. The virtual Pokemon then let out a beam of electricity, striking Pom and causing a fair bit of damage to the Ambipom.

As if that weren't enough, Cacturne quickly charged towards Pom, before striking him with his arm! The powerful attack caused Pom to shriek and fall onto the cold stone of the temple floor.

Not willing to give up so quickly, Pom rose to his feet and let out an awful screeching noise! Unable to stop the horrible sound, Porygon-Z let out a cry as the sound waves assaulted it, causing it's defence to be lowered.

Now it was Scraps turn! The Scarfty began to dance, causing his speed and attack to heighten! With his new found power, Scraps ran towards the virtual Pokemon, before striking it with his open palm, sending Porygon-Z flying backwards.

Enraged by the Scrafty's assault, the virtual Pokemon flew towards its opponent at an incredible speed, before striking the hoodlum Pokemon!

Cacturne wasn't ready to stand by, and began to gather grass energy into a sphere, before firing it towards Scarfty, dealing a large amount of damage.

"Jake, we need to end this as soon as possible, so let's focus on one Pokemon at a time!" Sophie exclaimed. "Just follow after me, ok?"

"You've got it." Jake nodded.

"Porygon-Z use Aerial Ace on Scrafty again. Then use Dark Pulse on Ambipom!" Victoria barked once more.

"Cacturne go with Seed Bomb on Ambipom, then follow it with Low Kick!" Fredrick shouted.

"Alright Scraps let's use Focus Punch on Porygon-Z, then use Brick Break on Cacturne!" Sophie hollered.

"Pom let's back up Scraps! Focus on keeping him from getting hit until he can use Focus Punch. Afterwards use Double Hit on Cacturne!" Jake exclaimed.

Scraps was the first to act, and began to slowly focus energy into his fist. Intent on stopping the hoodlum Pokemon from preforming it's next move, Porygon-Z began to fly towards it's opponent at high speed. Just as the virtual Pokemon was about to strike, Pom leaped in front of Scraps, taking the damage in his stead!

The Ambipom turned to the hoodlum Pokemon and gave a brief smile, one that Scraps quickly returned. Not willing to waste anymore time, Scraps gave a mighty swing before smashing his fist into the virtual Pokemon!

Porygon-Z let out a loud shriek as it went flying into a nearby marble pillar, before falling onto the floor, defeated.

"Did you see that?! Now that's team work!" Sophie exclaimed before raising her hand in the air.

"That was pretty awesome." Jake agreed, before high-fiving his friend.

"You just got lucky! Don't think my next Pokemon will be so easy!" Victoria exclaimed as she returned the virtual Pokemon to it's Pokeball.

"Alright Wigglytuff, you're next!" Victoria called as she threw another Pokeball into the air. From the ball emerged a cute pink Pokemon with rabbit-like ears!

"Let's keep things up Scraps! Let's use High Jump Kick on Cacturne, then use Poison Jab on Wigglytuff!" Sophie exclaimed.

"Ok Pom, let's use Gunk Shot on Wigglytuff, then use Brick Break on Cacturne!" Jake called out to the Ambipom.

"Wigglytuff use Play Rough on Scrafty! Then use Dazzling Gleam!" Victoria yelled.

"Cacturne dodge Scrafty's attack, then use Spikes!" Fredrick barked.

Scraps was once again the first to act! The hoodlum Pokemon began to channel energy into his knee, before leaping into the air! The Hoodlum Pokemon then came crashing down, intent on slamming into Cacturne!

Prepared for the incoming attack, the scarecrow Pokemon leaped out of the way, causing Scraps to crash into the floor! The Scrafty cried out as intense pain shot throughout his knee, but he wasn't going to let that stop him! The hoodlum Pokemon began to cloak his fist in a purple aura, before jabbing it into Wigglytuff!

Not keen on standing by, Pom began to gather slime and garbage into an orb of toxic energy! The Ambipom then shot the glob of toxic energy at Wigglytuff, causing the Balloon Pokemon to cry out!

Angered by the recent assault, Wigglytuff dove towards Scrafty, dealing a flurry of powerful blows! The attack almost proved to be too much for the hoodlum Pokemon, but Scraps managed to hang on!

Now it was Pom's turn again! The Ambipom began to channel energy into one of his tails, before striking Cacturne with it! In retlaiation the scarecrow Pokemon began to fire a layer of spikes all over the floor! Though it didn't those any harm to Jake or Sophie's current Pokemon, the duo knew that it would only make things harder for them should Pom or Scraps fall...

Ready for round two of it's assault, Wigglytuff began to gather fairy energy within itself, before releasing it in the form of a bright burst of light, striking both Pom and Scraps! The powerful attack proved to be too much for Scraps, who let out a small cry before toppling over!

"We'll get them next time Scraps! For now let's rest up." Sophie said before returning the Scrafty to it's Pokeball.

"Alright Lux, it's your turn now!" Sophie exclaimed as she threw another Pokeball into the air. From the ball the wrestling Pokemon, Hawlucha appeared. Noticing the spikes, Lux flew gently onto the ground, in order to avoid stepping on them.

"Wigglytuff, use Play Rough on Hawlucha. Then use Thunderbolt!" Victoria barked.

"Cacturne, it's time to use our final attack!" Fredrick shouted, much to Jake's confusion. Had the pair created a certain phrase to say in order to confuse the opponent?

"Ok Lux, let's use X-Scissor on Cacturne, then use Hone Claws!" Sophie hollered.

"Let's keep it up Pom! Start with Double Hit on Wigglytuff, then use Mega Punch on Cacturne!" Jake exclaimed.

Eager to start the match, Lux began to coat his arms in bug energy. The Hawlucha then dashed towards Cacturne, swiping his arms at the scarecrow Pokemon, causing it to almost topple over!

Pom was next to act, and raced towards Wigglytuff, before hitting the ballon Pokemon with each of his tails in quick succession.

Still filled with anger towards the opposition, Wigglytuff lunged at Hawlucha before delivering a harsh series of blows!

In an attempt to increase his strength even more, Lux began to sharpen his claws, causing his power to rise.

Meanwhile, Cacturne still hadn't attacked, and was standing completely still. Taking the opportunity to strike, Pom began to gather energy into on of his tails, causing it to be washed in a white glow. The Ambipom then swung at Cacturne, causing the scarecrow to cry out and topple over in defeat!

However, as soon as the scarecrow Pokemon toppled over, Pom did too. It seemed that Cacturne had used Destiny Bond, ensuring that one of it's opponents had gone down with it!

"Cacturne return!" Fredrick barked as he returned the scarecrow Pokemon to it's Pokeball.

The man then took a second Pokeball from his belt and threw it in front of him. From the ball emerged the big boss Pokemon, Honchkrow!

"A Honchkrow huh? Looks like an Electric Type would be best..." Jake muttered to himself as he debated on which Pokemon to use.

"Pick me! Pick me!" Dusty exclaimed as she began to tug on her trainers pant leg.

"Sorry Dusty, I don't think you'd be the best choice at the'll get your chance soon, I promise." Jake said as he grabbed a a gold plated ball and gently tossed it in the air.

From the special ball materialised an equally special Pokemon. To the unobservant eye the mouse Pokemon would look like an ordinary Pikachu, but what made this Pikachu different was her black tipped tail. Along with that, Tessa could wear special costumes, allowing her to pull off special moves.

"Oh! Is that a rare Cosplay Pikachu I see? And it's wearing that adorable pop star outfit as well! Such a Pokemon would be excellent for our cause." Victoria said.

"I guess that's too bad for you! Tessa would never join your awful cause." Jake spat.

"Is what we're doing so wrong? We just want everyone to be happy." Fredrick explained.

"Enough! Lux use Poison Jab on Wigglytuff, then use Rock Tomb on Honchcrow!" Sophie barked.

"Ok Tessa let's start with Quick Attack on Honchkrow, then use Iron Tail on Wigglytuff!"

"Wigglytuff use Thunderbolt on Hawlucha. Then use Dazzling Gleam!"

"Honchkrow go with Night Slash on Pikachu, then follow it with Shadow Ball!"

Tessa was the first to act! The mouse Pokemon ran towards Honchcrow at an incredible speed, slamming into the big boss Pokemon and dealing a small amount of damage.

It was Lux's turn now, and the wrestling Pokemon was eager to start! Hawlucha quickly began to cloak his arm in toxic energy, jabbing it into Wigglytuff's body and nearly causing the balloon Pokemon to topple over!

In retaliation of Lux's assault, Wigglytuff began to gather electrical energy, before releasing a beam of it towards Lux! The Hawlucha braced itself as the bolt of energy grew closer, but to his surprise the bolt turned away from him, instead striking Tessa's tail, increasing her special attack power!

"Dammit! That Pikachu has lighting rod?!" Victoria hollered in surprise.

With Wigglytuff side open, Tessa started to amass energy in her tail, causing a sheet of metallic energy to envelop her tail. The mouse Pokemon then swung her tail at Wigglytuff, slamming into the Wigglytuff with all her might!

The attack proved to be too much for the balloon Pokemon, who let out a small cry before falling onto the floor.

"Wigglytuff return!" Victoria barked before returning the balloon Pokemon to it's Pokeball.

"I can see what the boss saw in really are a capable trainer if you've got me having to use my last Pokemon." Victoria said.

"Wait you only have three Pokemon?! I could have sworn you had four!" Fredrick exclaimed.

"I did, I lost that stupid Lickitung back in Rayo remember? I haven't had a chance to snatch another one yet" Victoria explained.

"I see....Victoria is right though Jake, this fighting is pointless. I know you've made your stance on us clear, but please reconsider! With your strength, our goals could easily be accomplished!"

"Never. The fact that you think I would join you after all you guys have done makes me sick!" Jake exclaimed.

"I figured you were a lost cause..." Victoria said before grabbing a third Pokeball and tossing it in front of her. From the Pokeball came the predator Pokemon, Staraptor.

"Ok Staraptor use Brave Bird on Hawlucha. Then use Take Down on Pikachu!" Victoria commanded.

"Honchkrow use Brave Bird on Hawlucha, then follow with Nasty Plot!" Fredrick shouted.

"Lux use Rock Slide, then go for Aerial Ace on Staraptor!" Sophie exclaimed.

"Let's keep up the good work Tessa! Let's start things off with a Electro Ball on Honchkrow, then use Thunder Punch!" Jake ordered.

Lux was the first to act, quickly summoning rings of energy above his opponents. From the rings large boulders came raining down on Staraptor and Honchkrow, causing the pair to cry out in pain!

Keeping the momentum going, Tessa began to gather electrical energy at the tip of her tail, forming a bright yellow orb with it. Tessa then launched the ball of electricity at Honchcrow, the extremely powerful attack nearly causing the big boss Pokemon to fall to the ground!

Now it was Staraptor's turn to strike! The predator Pokemon flew up as high as it could go, before begging to cloak itself in energy. Staraptor then dove towards Hawlucha, smashing into the wrestling Pokemon with all it's might!

The powerful attack proved to be too much for Lux, and with a final cry the Hawlucha fell over in defeat.

"Lux return!" Sophie called as she returned the Hawlucha to it's Pokeball. "You preformed nicely out there, let's rest up for now."

"Alright Chikara let's do our best out there!" Sophie exclaimed as she chucked a third Pokeball onto the field.

From the ball appeared the muscular Pokemon, Conkeldurr, who quickly cried out as the spikes previously put down by Cacturne dug into his feet.

"Chikara use Ice Punch on Staraptor, then go for Thunder Punch!" Sophie commanded.

"Ok Tessa let's start with Thunder Punch on Staraptor, then use Draining Kiss on Honchkrow!"

"Staraptor use Double Edge on Pikachu. Then follow with Close Combat!"

"Honchkrow use Psychic on Conkeldurr, then use Aerial Ace!"

Tessa was the first to act! The mouse Pokemon began to channel electrical energy into her fist, before striking Stararptor!

In retaliation, the predator Pokemon began to recklessly charge towards Tessa, slamming into the frail mouse Pokemon and sending her flying across the room!

Unfortunately for Staraptor, it's previous attack left it wide open! Taking advantage of this, Chikara began to envelope his fist in a frosty aura. The muscular Pokemon then slammed his fist into the predator Pokemon, causing it to shriek loudly!

Eager to get in on the action, Honchkrow began to deeply concentrate, a sudden veil of energy grabbed onto Conkeldurr, tossing the muscular Pokemon into a wall!

Despite the assault from Staraptor, Tessa wasn't out of it just yet! The mouse Pokemon ran towards Honchkrow, her lips surrounded in a pink aura of energy. Tessa then gave a quick kiss to the big boss Pokemon, leeching it of the rest of it's energy and giving some of it to her!

With one last cry, Honchkrow fell to the ground.

"Return Honchkrow." Fredrick muttered as he returned the big boss Pokemon to it's Pokeball.

"Don't fail me now, Weavile!" Fredrick called as he sent out the sharp claw Pokemon.

"Alright Chikara let's use Focus Punch on Weavile, then go for Thunder Punch on Staraptor!" Sophie exclaimed.

"Tessa, protect Chikara until it can pull off Focus Punch, then use Iron Tail on Weavile!" Jake ordered.

"You're not doing that this time! Staraptor launch Pikachu away with Double Edge. Then use Aerial Ace on Conkeldurr!" Victoria commanded.

"Once Conkeldurr is open use Aerial Ace. Then use Counter!" Fredrick shouted.

Chikara started the round, starting to focus all of his energy into his fist. Tessa meanwhile, jumped in front of her partner, desperately trying to keep any attack from hitting him.

Once more Staraptor began to recklessly charge towards Tessa, slamming into the mouse Pokemon and causing her to fly far away from Chikara.

Seizing the opportunity, Weavile dashed towards the muscular Pokemon at an incredible speed. At the last moment, Weavile changed it's direction and attacked Chikara from another angle, catching him off guard and making him lose concentration.

Following in it's teammates footsteps, Staraptor made it's way towards the Conkeldurr, striking the muscular Pokemon with another Aerial Ace and almost causing it to keel over!

With what little energy she had left, Tessa began to channel metallic energy into her tail. Fully prepared for the attack, Weavile began to cloak itself in fighting energy in preparation for a counter attack.

With all her might, Tessa slammed her metallic tail into the sharp claw Pokemon's body! Weavile let out a small shriek, before smashing the mouse Pokemon with twice the force!

Once more Tessa was sent flying onto the cold floor of the temple. Unlike last time, Tessa didn't get up....

"Tessa you were great out there, have a nice rest, you deserve it." Jake said as he recalled the cosplay Pikachu into her gold and black ball.

"It's my turn now, right?" Dusty asked, still eagerly tugging on Jake's pant leg.

"Be patient Dusty." Jake said before grabbing a pink ball with a heart on it.

"Ok Opal, it's you're time to shine!" Jake exclaimed as he threw the Love Ball into the air. From the ball emerged a Venomoth with wings that shone with many bright colours, like a polished opal.

"What a pretty looking Venomoth. With wings like that I'm sure our boss would be pleased if we snatched it." Victoria mused.

"Indeed. A Venomoth of that colour could definitely get us some cash. All the more incentive to win." Fredrick added.

"Staraptor use Aerial Ace on Venomoth. Then go for Brave Bird on Conkeldurr!" Victoria barked.

"Weavile start with Hone Claws, follow with Ice Shard!" Fredrick shouted.

"Ok Chikara use Low Sweep on Weavile, then go for Thunder Punch on Staraptor!"

"I know you can do it Opal! Let's go for an Energy Ball on Weavile! Then use Bug Buzz!"

Weavile was the first to start, and eagerly began to sharpen it's claws, causing it's strength to rise.

Meanwhile, Staraptor began to fly towards Opal at an incredible speed! At the last moment, the predator Pokemon changed directions, catching Opal off guard by the unexpected angle of the attack!

Quickly recovering from the attack, Opal began to gather the energy of nature itself, forming it into a green sphere. The Venomoth then fired the sphere of energy at the sharp claw Pokemon, causing it to shriek and fall back slightly!

But the assault on Weavile wasn't over just yet! Chikara ran towards the sharp claw Pokemon, before sweeping his leg at Weavile, causing it to trip!

Weavile cried out as the powerful attack sent intense pain through it's legs, lowering it's speed!

Weavile wasn't about to let that stop it however! The sharp claw Pokemon began to create multiple shards of sharp ice, before firing it towards Opal, causing her to cry out as the shards dug into her body.

Angered by the Weavile's attack, Opal began to flap her wings rapidly, causing waves of sound to viciously assault the sharp claw Pokemon!

Eager to continue, Staraptor flew as high as it could, before diving towards Chikara, surrounded by flames and flying energy! The attack proved to be too much for the muscle Pokemon, who quickly toppled once the predator Pokemon had crashed into him.

But all was not well for Staraptor either. Staraptor had been a little too reckless with it's last attack, and hadn't even considered it's own safety. Exhausted of all it's health, the predator Pokemon join it's opponent on the floor.

The two trainers returned both of their Pokemon, but to Jake's surprise Sophie didn't send out another.

"Aren't you going to send out someone else? It's not like we have to play by the rules with these guys." Jake said.

"About that.....I kind of only brought three Pokemon, I didn't really expect to get into a fight." Sophie confessed.

"Why am I not surprised? I'm pretty sure this happened back in Rayo town as well....." Jake thought to himself.

Not that it really mattered anyway, Jake had noticed that Weavile looked quite beaten up. Surely one attack could even push it over!

"Alright let's finish this Opal! Start with Aerial Ace! If that doesn't finish Weavile off, go for Sludge Bomb!" Jake exclaimed.

"Weavile finish these pests with Aerial Ace! If that doesn't work use Ice Punch!" Fredrick barked.

Both eager to win, Opal and Weavile began to charge towards each other! At the last second both Pokemon switched directions, slamming into each others sides with all their might!

Each Pokemon let a shriek as the attacks proved to be too much for them, each falling at the same time!

"Return Opal." Jake said before returning the Venomoth to her Love Ball. "You were amazing out there."

Jake then turned to face the pair in front of him.
"Looks like it's over Team Catalyst...hand over the Ebony flute, or you might be Dusty's next victims!" Jake exclaimed as the Trapinch slowly made her way towards the pair.

"You think we'd hand over this flute that easily? We aren't scared of your puny wanna be dragon....when we have this!" Fredrick shouted as he pointed to the giant Salamence behind them.

Jake had completely forgotten about the dragon Pokemon at the back of the room. It had been watching the whole fight ensue, but hadn't done a thing to stop. It seemed to only care about that strange ring...

"You wouldn't! If you use that flute on that could go into a rage!" Sophie exclaimed.

"Oh we will! Let's see how you do against this!" Victoria shouted. before putting the flute to her lips.

Jake and Sophie froze as a soft melody started to play from the instrument. Instantly the giant Salamence began to rise, before looking at Team Catalyst, waiting for orders.

"Salamence! Eliminate these two at once!" Fredrick cried out.

The dragon Pokemon let out a mighty roar, causing the ground to shake and any unstablele pillars to topple over! The beast then started to gather draconic energy in it's mouth, preparing for an intense move.

"Sophie look out!" Jake called to his friend, who had previously been glaring at Tema Catalyst.

Suddenly coming to, Sophie jumped out of the way as Salamence let loose a mighty Dragon Breath, scorching the floor and back wall of the temple.

"Now's our chance Victoria, let's get out of here!" Fredrick shouted before racing down the stairs of the temple, Victoria following right behind.

"Sophie you get those two...I've got this." Jake said.

"As you say!" Sophie exclaimed before chasing after the pair.

Jake then brought his attention to the massive beast before him...

"Well Dusty, looks like you'll have your battle after all." Jake said before grabbing his two remaining Pokeballs.

"Robin, Bagel, I need your help!" The teen exclaimed before tossing the balls in the air. From the balls emerged the Murkrow and Axew, both of them almost fleeing in terror at the sight of their opponent.

Salamence meanwhile, began to flap it's wings violently, causing some of the ceiling to collapse, allowing it to have a bit more room for flight. The dragon let out another mighty roar and a light orange aura began to envelope it, raising all of it's stats!

"We're going to have to give this everything we've got you three!" Jake called out to the Trapinch, Murkrow and Axew.

"Alright, Robin use Twister, Bagel you use Leer, and Dusty go for a Bite!"

Salamence started the match by letting out a mighty roar, shaking the ground once more and summoning multiple rings of energy in the air. From the rings large boulders came crashing down, dealing heavy damage to the three Pokemon that stood before the Salamence.

Robin was next to act! The Murkrow quietly flew towards his opponent before flapping his wings violently, causing a small twister to form! The wind picked up the debris from the previous battle, pelting Salamence with stones and draconic energy!

Wanting to give it her all, Bagel ran up to her opponent, before making a somewhat fierce looking face, catching Salamence completely off guard and lowering it's defence.

"Eager to get in on the action, Dusty lunged at the dragon Pokemon before sinking her teeth into it!"

Furious at the small Pokemon attacking it, Salamence began to amass electrical energy into it's massive fangs, before sinking them into Robin!

The attack proved to be too much for Robin, who fell with out a cry.

"Robin return!" Jake called as he returned the Murkrow to his Pokeball. "You did your best out there, now rest up."

"We have to stay strong. Bagel use Dragon Rage, then follow with Leer! Dusty start with Rock Slide, then go another Bite!"

Once again the giant Salamence began to amass draconic energy into it's mouth, before letting loose a mighty Dragonbreath!

Unable to react in time, Bagel cried out as the blue flames washed over her, nearly causing her to faint on the spot!

In retaliation the tusk Pokemon spat out a ball of fire and dragon energy, dealing a small bit of damage to the mighty dragon Pokemon.

Hoping to prove herself, Dusty summoned multiple rings of energy. From the rings many small boulders came crashing down, causing the Salamence to cry out in anger!

Desperate to get rid of the pests before it, Salamence began to coat it's large fangs in a dark aura, before biting Dusty with all it's might!

Bagel once again ran towards the giant dragon before making a fierce face, once again catching Salamence off guard and lowering its defence further!

Seizing the opportunity to punish the dragon Pokemon further, Dusty lunged at the beast before sinking her teeth into it's flesh!

"Let's keep this going! Bagel use Assurance, then go for a Scratch! Dusty you start with another Rock Slide, then use Quick Attack!"

Salamence let out a mighty roar and began to surround itself in draconic energy, before slamming into Dusty! The Trapinch let out a shriek as she was sent flying into the air, before crashing down onto the floor.

Hoping to avenge her teammate, Bagel began to cloak herself in a dark aura of thoughts and emotions, before crashing into the giant dragon Pokemon with all her might!

Having recovered from the Salamence's assault, Dusty once again summoned multiple rings of energy. Many small boulders came crashing down on Salamence once more, causing the mighty Pokemon to let out a deafening shriek!

Hoping to get rid of the Trapinch, Salamence let out a frightening roar, startling Dusty! The dragon Pokemon then began to gather water energy in it's mouth, hoping to shoot an intense jet of water at the ant pit Pokemon.

Dusty was unable to move, she was completely frozen in fear! Noticing that her teammate was about to be hit, Bagel jumped in front of her friend, taking the jet of water head on!

"Bagel! W-why did you save me?" Dusty asked as she came to her senses.

"B-because you looked like you were in trouble....I'm sure y-you'd have done the same." The Axew replied, struggling just to stand.

"It's up to you now Dusty...but I'm...sure you can win. Win for us....ok?" Bagel asked.

"I've been through tougher before! Of course I can!" Dusty exclaimed.

Bagel smiled at the Trapinch's words. She always was confident in herself. Bagel's legs then gave out, and the young Axew toppled over in defeat.

"Bagel return!" Jake called out as he returned the Axew to it's Pokeball. "You were great, now rest up for now."

"It's up to you now Dusty! I know things aren't looking too good now...but I believe in you!" Jake called to the Trapinch.

Dusty turned to face her trainer, giving him a brief nod, before turning back to face her opponent. The Trapinch knew that she had promised Bagel that she would win....but even she was beginning to worry...

But both Jake and Bagel had put all their trust into her....she couldn't let them down! She had to be as brave as the mighty Flygon she wished to be someday!

Dusty let out a cry of determination, before an intense light enveloped her body!
Her body began to change drastically, she sprouted wings and her body became long and thin. Her eyes grew bigger, and two antennae sprouted from her head.
Once the light had faded there was no longer a Trapinch but a !

" evolved! I'm sure we can win this now!" Jake exclaimed.

"Ok Dusty let's start with Crunch! Then go for a Quick Attack!"

Despite Dusty gaining a large boost in mobility, Salamence was still the first to act! Once more the giant Salamence began to amass dragon energy into it's mouth, before letting loose a storm of blue flames!

The freshly evolved Vibrava let out a shriek as the flames washed over it's body. It seemed as if Dusty's evolution had been a double edged sword! Despite gaining a lot of mobility, now the Vibrava was vulnerable to Salamence's dragon type attacks!

With her brand new wings, Dusty quickly flew towards the dragon Pokemon, her small fangs coated in a dark aura! The Vibrava then chomped down on the Salamence, causing it to to let out another dealing shriek.

In a fit of rage, Salamence cloaked it's tail in dragon energy before swinging it at Dusty, causing the Vibrava to be sent flying to the back of the room.

Gathering what little strength she had left, Dusty flew towards Salamence at an incredible speed, slamming into the beast for some small damage.

The Vibrava then returned to her position in front of her trainer, her wings barely able to carry her there.

Jake could tell that Dusty didn't have much energy left in her. One more dragon attack from Salamence would surely finish the vibration Pokemon. At the same time, Salamence seemed relatively well off, if only Dusty knew an attack powerful enough to end this....

Jake glanced at his surroundings, hoping to find something that could help. His eyes quickly fell to the pillar holding the strange bracelet. It had fallen over during the ongoing battle, but the ring still seemed to be fine. Was that the Z-Ring that Flora had been talking about? Jake figured it was worth shot. The only problem was Salamence. With it being the guardian of the temple, Jake figured that the dragon Pokemon wouldn't let anyone go near the bracelet...

"I have an idea Dusty! Use Quick Attack on Salamence and bring me that ring!" Jake ordered.

Upon Jake's words, Salamence let out a mighty roar and started to make it's way to the bracelet, as if to protect it!

With all her might, Dusty flew towards Salamence, striking the dragon Pokemon and catching it completely off guard. Seizing the opportunity, Dusty grabbed the bracelet and quickly carried to her trainer.

Jake had never seen such a device before! The bracelet had a strange gem in the center of it. The entire thing gave off a strange glow, as if it was filled with a strange energy..

Jake quickly slipped on the bracelet and turned to face Dusty.

"I'm not really sure how this is supposed to work but let's try our best!" Jake exclaimed. "Let's power up your Strength to umm.....Breakneck Blitz!" Jake called out as he tapped the crystal in the center of the ring.

Once the ring was activated, a wave of emotions over took him. Suddenly he knew how to preform the dance required for the Z-Move. It was if he and Dusty were the hero's of Ryuu town for a brief moment. The knowledge gifted to them by the strange Z-Ring allowed the pair to complete the dance just as the hero and her Flygon had before! Once the dance had finished, all the energy the Z-Ring had poured into Dusty, giving the Vibrava a tremendous amount of energy, soaring far beyond what even a normal Z-Ring would! The vibration Pokemon then flew towards her opponent, faster then even an Extreme Speed! Surrounded in a veil of extreme energy, Dusty crashed into Salamence, who let out a large shriek before collapsing onto the floor.

Once the Salamence had collapsed, the Z-Ring shattered into thousands of pieces, it's finally duty completed.

"W-we did it Dusty! We beat the guardian Salamence!" Jake exclaimed.

"I told you I can take on any foe! I could probably take on all those Catalyst thugs at the same time!" Dusty said as she landed onto Jake's shoulder.

"Congratulations! It seems our work here is done then." A voice said, causing Jake to turn around.

"Sophie! Did you manage to get the Ebony flute back?" Jake asked.

"I did...but it's kinda broken.." Sophie said, showing Jake the flute, which looked as if it had been snapped in two.

"How did it break?" Jake questioned.

"I don't know, the fools probably broke it themselves. Let's not worry about that though, let's give this back to Shelly. I'm sure this will be enough to set Lickitung free." Sophie said.

"That sounds good to me, let's get out of here!" Jake exclaimed before making his way out of the temple, Sophie right behind him.
After a small walk, Sophie and Jake had found there way back to the town plaza. Once more people were hurrying about, preparing for the festival that would soon be starting. All of them not seeming to care that they had sentenced an innocent Pokemon to death not too long ago...

The trio soon spotted Flora and Shelly, along with Lickitung, who was being contained in a small cage...

"Jake, Sophie! I'm assuming you didn't find the Ebony flute?" Shelly asked.

"Actually we did!" Sophie exclaimed as she handed the broken flute to the mayor.

"Sorry to say though, we found it to be a little damaged....hope you don't mind. Sophie added.

"I see." Shelly said as she shot the girl a cold look. She quickly looked to Flora, who seemed to be pointing at the Lickitung.

"Right......I guess I'll release this Lickitung, for it was not the thief after all..." Shelly said as she took out a small key and unlocked the cage.

As soon as the door had been unlocked, Lickitung lunged at Jake, nearly toppling him over. He then began to his face, again and again, as if to say thank you.

"It's nice to see again as well Lickitung...." jack said as he tried to gently push the Lickitung away.

"Well I'm off....I have business to attend to, some idiot has apparently damaged the temple..." Shelly muttered as she stormed off, her Houndoom right behind her.

"Thank you two so much! Without your help I don't know what would have happened!" Flora exclaimed.

"Aren't you mad? The Ebony Flute is destroyed." Jake said.

"I don't care about that flute. I care that this little one is safe and sound." Flora explained, pointing to the Lickitung.

In response to Flora's words, Lickitung turned and gave the lady a hug.

"I see your Trapinch evolved as well. Am I right to assume that it helped you recover the Ebony Flute?" Flora asked.

"That's right, Dusty was a huge help." Jake explained.

"Well I guess this town is forever in your debt, Dusty, Jake and Sophie." Flora said. "Without your help, I don't know how long this town would be under the flutes spell."

"Spell?" Sophie asked.

"Did you not notice? Everyone was crazy over that thing! So much so that they'd put this innocent Pokemon to death as a means of revenge." Flora explained.

"I did notice that." Jake said. "Well thank you for everything Flora, but I think it's time for us to leave."

"You're not staying for the festival?"

"Sorry, but I think I've had enough of this place to last me a life time." Jake said.

"Fair enough. Be safe on your future travels! You're welcome here any time!" Flora exclaimed.

"Thanks Flora! Come on Jake let's get going, you can tell me about your battle with Salamence on the way home." Sophie said before slowly walking away.

Jake was about to leave too, but before he could Lickitung started to pull on his pant leg in protest.

"Hmm? What is it?" Jake asked the licking Pokemon.

"I think Lickitung wants to come with!" Dusty exclaimed.

"Lickitung, is that true?" Jake asked.

The Lickitung gave a nod, before licking Jake's face once again.

"Well ok then...." Jake muttered as he grabbed a brand new Pokeball and gently tapped it on Lickitung's head, sucking the licking Pokemon inside. The ball shook only once in his hand before making a small noise confirming the capture.

"Welcome to the team.....Shibo" Jake said with a smile. Today had been a crazy day to be sure. Fighting Team Catalyst and even a giant Salamence. But in the end he had made a new friend in Shibo, and that made it all worth it.
Wondering just where his adventures would take him next, Jake ran off to catch up with his friend, leaving the legend of Ryuu town and it's guardian behind....

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