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Round 5 - Mindgames

The Flea shakes his head a bit, finding his energy replenishing him and his sugar crash ended. Circling around to face Drifty, he can tell by Drifty's stance that she's waiting for an attack, and seems keen to oblige. Drifty watches at The Flea approaches her, the wind still at his back, and he holds a glowing claw out threateningly. Drifty isn't about to take any chances, and in an instant disappears from sight, leaving The Flea to strike clean air. The Flea grins, his bluff having worked into forcing Drifty to play safe. He isn't able to celebrate for long, however, as a sudden strike from his back sends him sailing a fair distance away, Drifty chuckling with glee at her surprise attack. But The Flea is more than ready to respond, rocks encircling him in three separate orbits. It's the Flea's turn to grin as he sends the rocks flying at Drifty, who gets pummeled easily under the super effective attack. At the dust settles, Drifty looks mad, having taken a serious amount of damage for the first time this match.

The Flea greatly reduced the damage gap between himself and Drifty, and while Drifty still holds a small lead, the lead is much easier to overtake than before. The Flea is good for two, while Drifty is quite fresh
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Squad Summary

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