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With Dr. X having fallen, his trainer calls Alarak into battle, the hefty Metagross grunting as he thuds down into the arena. His small eyes narrow as his gaze falls upon Mercury, and the cumbersome beast lurches forwards across the ground. As he moves, the cross shaped over his face begins to pulse with a vibrant pink energy, and Mercury, having readied his own attack, notices all too late what was about to occur. As the Gallade lunges forth, his arm blazing with a flickering cloak of flame, he finds himself met with intense resistance. His arm jars as it comes crashing into the screen conjured by Alarak, cracks flitting across the surface despite the construct remaining intact. Hissing his indignance, Mercury brings his left arm swinging around, already encompassed by a darkened aura. The energy shimmers in the air as Mercury brings his bladed arm across the surface of his foes' protection, the screen shattering, but Alarak counters in due time. His body shines with an intense pink light before a glaring sphere smashes into the body of Mercury, causing him to take a few staggering steps back.

Mercury knocked into his second third, Fire and Dark at roughly half but good for two. Alarak went unharmed and is fresh enough, Fairy at half.
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