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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
..Rumpy Pumpy, tra la la la la, la, la, la, laaaaaaa.

The season of love, for the kneeding of the dough, the doughnuts getting the filling..the erm...maybe I'll be quiet now, here's STUFF whooooo

His and Her Heart Pendants, what do they do you ask?

Well, if you give them to a Male and Female Pokemon to hold and you use those two Pokes in battle, all their attacks have a 5% power increase for all the battle, but remember it must only be given to a Male and a Female Pokemon.

And that's not all kids, here be a ...
Gummi bag
which includes
- 3 Mysterious Gummi's
- 3 Pink Gummis's
- 3 Red Gummi's

So... Candy and Shipping Fodder? I got nothing I can slap the Pendants onto yet, so... I guess I'm just gonna store everything for later. Sorry, Arnold!

Originally Posted by enchantress View Post

Sharing is caring and caring is fun so here are some pressies for everyone!

x2 Valentine Candies ~ The Valentines Candy gives two levels to a Pokémon with full Happiness Points from the Salon, but one level to any other Pokémon.
If banked, is worth the equivalent of a regular rare candy. Full Happiness Training must be linked to when using your Valentines Candy. Please record its use upon pickup.
x2 Love Berry Juice ~ The Pokémon who drinks it will learn an Egg or MT move from its official moveset. Expires 20th February 2017.
x1 Super Pass ~ Gives you and your Pokémon some extra Monday goodness. Expires 20th February 2017.

Have a LOVELY day!
Now we get to the stuff I can use immediately! Giving both the Candies to Berue, my tangela with full HP's, to raise her from Lv. 9 to Lv. 13!
*Berue learned Absorb!*

Giving a Love Berry Juice to Butternut the Pumkasaur to teach him EM Sludge!

Once he's not paying attention anymore, I'm giving the other Love Berry Juice to Elenchos the Inkay to teach him EM Camouflage!

And I'll of course me picking up the Super Pass for myself. It might not be the most useful one for me so far, what with all my pokemon being on paid vacation and all that, but free stuff is free stuff. Onwards with the celebration!

Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post

Happy Valentines Day

For you all on this day of Love and Happiness I give to you the following:

1x - Valentines Ball (This special Pokéball can only be used to hold a Pokémon who has a lifelong mate.)
1x Passion Pokéblock ~ +20 Beauty & Cute Stats ~ Must be nature compatible and can only be used in the PokéSpa. Expires 15th April 2017
1x Love Berry (Raises a Pokemon 2 Levels and must be used in this thread)
1x TM Attract .
And a choice between either a Red or Pink Valentines coins case, each containing 1,000 coins.

Oh boy, a Ball as useless to me right now as the Pendants! Eh, it's not that big a deal. They'll see use soon enough, my friends, and assure you that it will be adorable! Hopefully.

Aaaaaand the Passion Pokeblock goes to... Nadie, the least passionate 'mon on my file! This too will change in time, but you gotta admit that it's pretty funny at the moment. (Note: his Nature has been declared as Modest <+ Dry, - Spicy>) *Nadie's Cute and Beauty stats were both elevated to 20 from 0!*

Nadie will also nom the Love Berry, raising him from Lv. 9 to Lv. 11!

I'll be taking the TM Attract with me, along with plans for just the right future teammate to have used on. Ooh, suspense~!

And I'll take the Pink Coin Case, thank you very much! Oh, there actually 1,000 Coins in it already? Sweet, I like bonus stuff!

Thanks everyone for doing this for us. I've had a pretty neato Single's awareness Day myself, but some of us may not have, so this might just be the pick-up they need. Well, I'd best be going now, so... See ya laters~!
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