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Hey guys, it's Valentines! An incredibly commercialised event for those who feel the need to make overbearing shows of affection for significant others. However, the LOs have took it upon themselves to present you with some gifts this time round instead!

Firstly, until 11:59PM 21st February (GMT), you may purchase any of the Badges (excluding Historics) at a 25% discount! That's right, Raiser's, Referee's and Worker's Badges are all discounted during this period!

In addition to the offer above, trainers may also claim a free type enhancing token (as well as the associated Silvally Memory) with any purchase of three squad slots or more.

Finally, there will be a special little promotion run for the next 3 weeks. Until Tuesday 7th March, all coaching responses will yield an additional 2 SP! That's right folks, we want to push a little life into this initiative, and there's your incentive!

From us all, we wish you a very happy Valentines!

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