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I'm so stoked about this! Samurai Jack is probably my favorite animated series of all time, and this new, final season is looking to be amazing. It was interesting to see Jack cowering in a hiding place like that. Those assassins must be something else. Last time he was that freaked out was when he fought the Minions of Set (who are also my favorite villains in the entire show, by far).

And yeah, the person doing Aku is almost certainly Greg Baldwin. His Iroh voice was quite good. I just hope people aren't too disappointed when he can't do a spot-on impression, because you know some people are just salty like that. The truth is that with the drastic and continuing reduction of cigarette smoking rates, the ability to do a voice like that is only going to get rarer and rarer as time goes on. Even if they found a person whose general vocal qualities were identical to Mako's, chances are they won't have the decades worth of vocal cord damage and irritation that gave his voice that extra-evil quality (and ultimately took his life).
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