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Round 2: Sleeping Majesty

Spoiler: show
Originally Posted by Mystery Legend Controller
"I'd like to see it copy a Cubic Light Screen. I'll back away as I set that up and then I think a Charge Beam will do."
Originally Posted by Jerichi
Dark Pulse Earth Power

With formalities having been exchanged, the two Pokemon face off against one another, Jirachi now having fully woken from it's slumber. The pair lock eyes, the advantage Lustre held over her foe clear in her leer. Frowning, Jirachi looks to remedy this somewhat, the numerous charms dangling from it's head abruptly becoming dyed in a pulsing pink energy. With a dull cry, the Psychic type allows a flickering construct to begin forming around it's body, the distinct cubic shape thrumming with immense power. As it finally locks into the plane of existence, Lustre issues a guttural hiss of disdain, the Aggron taking a much more direct approach to the problem at hand. Her shearing cries shake the very foundation of the surroundings as her entire being becomes consumed by a roiling black aura. Within moments her body is covered, her gaping maw chuckling a metallic tone. This rises into a threatening roar as pulse upon pulse of energy bursts forth from her body, racking over the body of Jirachi - though not before being sapped somewhat by the defensive barrier hanging around the pixie.

Recoiling from the blow, the sting of it clear upon Jirachi's face, the wish granter takes a moment to recollect itself. Shaking it's head, the small being wears a grin as power begins to gather for it's next attack. Spreading arms wide, a faint crackling aura begins to pulsate around it's form, gathering into a small sphere just before the mouth of the pixie. With a demure cry, Jirachi sends a bolting lance forth into the body of Lustre, the slight blow barely making the Aggron even take notice - though it becomes painfully evident afterwards that she may have to exervise caution in the future. The air around Jirachi distorts as energy sinks into his being, empowering him even further beyond his natural abilities, and Lustre grunts as she hunkers down to take the fight more seriously. Raising her right arm high into the air, she cloaks the carapace covered limb in a thrumming aura of dark brown energy, roaring as she hammers it into the ground. In less than a heartbeat a thickened plume of energy erupts from beneath Jirachi, encompassing it's body within a maelstrom of pain - but once again being buffered somewhat by the barrier surrounding it.

Looking on from safety, the trainer notes mentally that was the last of Lustre's Dark energy. Thankfully, the Aggron had seized a clear lead, with Jirachi already looking pretty beaten up. There was still a ways to go though - and luckily, both Pokemon seemed happy to plug on.
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