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Not one to take a beating without handing some of the pain back himself, Dr. X creates a roiling orb of darkest purple, the foul energies quickly folding together. Dark bolts of lightning dance across the surface, and with a garbled cry the technological feat sends the orb hurtling forwards. It smashes into the chest of Mercury, showering the Gallade in the spectral force, but he grunts, gritting his teeth. Launching forwards, he slams a glowing blade into the body of his foe, sucking the last dregs of Dr. X's vitality. With a feeble whine, the Porygon drops to the floor in defeat.

Dr. X is unable to battle! Eliteknight, your next Pokemon please.

Mercury remains looking peppy enough, just about to enter his second third.

Given the nature of the battle, I need Eliteknight to select a Pokemon to send out first, then Snorby to provide orders, and finally EK to provide orders.
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