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Deciding her job done for now, Frieda is called back to her Poke Ball by her trainer, replaced by the eager figure of Mercury. Wasting no time, the bladed Fighting type brings his arms together, creating a roaring sphere of intense blue energy. Dr. X tries to gather his own attack, but his movements are slowed, and before he knows it the orb is hurtling towards his body. With a sickening crack, the energy explodes over the body of the Porygon, and Dr. X hisses in protest. He is quick to respond, creating a whirling column of compact wind and sending it roaring towards Mercury, but the Gallade manages to take the incoming blow like a stalwart. Lunging forwards, Mercury raises one of his arms high into the air, but as he does so Dr. X creates a vicious orb of crackling yellow energy. With a garbled cry, the Porygon sends the orb crawling through the air, and the slow pace combined with the distance between the two allows Mercury to shuffle to one side, still landing his blow thanks to his extending arm. However, unfortunately for him, his reactions were not quite good enough to see him avoid the entirety of the incoming blast.

Mercury took a fair hit already and looks fairly paralysed, but Dr. X was knocked well into the final third this round. Mercury fresh while Dr. X is good for two.
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