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Round 4: Repent! The end is nigh!

“And we’re back with another round of elevating action! Though honestly, it might also become a total dud. Who knows! Isn’t that fun? Arthur however is having none of it, fun that is, and I have no idea if he’s even registering what’s going on. The Rotom is still spinning around like merry-go-round. Hebi meanwhile seems to have found some of his senses back, it’s not going fast but he seems to be charging some Ball of Shadowy energy. I can see he’s still having concentration lapses though, and just now too as he fires to ball off resulting in only a grazing shot on the spinning Rotom before the ball blasts into the barriers in a glittering purple explosion.”

“That blow must have given Arthur some of his senses back too it soon. He stopped spinning and is now zipping sideways at rather impressive speeds, creating a sort of afterimage, a Double Team if you like, on both ends of his movement. Gingerbread Dunsparce is not impressed though, he’s huffing and puffing and he blows them all away! And he looks so adorable doing that. From here in my commentator booth it looks like the little Gingerbread Hebi is covering his opponent in a layer or powdered sugar. It really makes me want to take a bite out of him. But uhm, is anyone else noticing it getting colder here? Oh wait, we have a weather report incoming, right here in the Fizzytopia's New Fairground there seems to be a very local Blizzard cause by a very minute source of low pressure air…. Oh… so that is what Hebi used to blow Arthur and his afterimages away, not powdered sugar.”

“The cold and force of the Ice-attack has returned the Rotom back to his senses too though it seems, but Hebi still isn’t done! The tasty looking Land Snake slithers forward, slightly aided by his cute tiny wings, and lunges forward, taking a tiny but super-effective Bite out of the Plasma Pokémon, who surprisingly doesn’t do much. Guess he’s still recovering from the cold.”

Energy: 23.3%
Health: 70.5%
Stats: Paralyzed,
SpA +1, SpD +1, Spe -1

Energy: 52.9%
Health: 21.2%
Stats: -

Aposteriori is to go first

And PM any questions you may have.
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