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Marvolo nodded as Kinana explained that her mother had taught her that particular tip. "I'm not surprised," Marvolo said. "Your mother is absolutely amazing like that- you're learning from the best." And then Sorano started nuzzling Marvolo, calling him Daddy just as Kinana did. Marvolo gently hugged the Dratini with his coils, knowing in an instant that as far as he was concerned, Sorano was every bit as much a daughter to him- every bit as much a part of the family- as Kinana was.

Hyrem had chuckled along with Keith at the mention of the latter being forcibly dragged to the former's Secret Base, then voiced the idea of himself visiting Keith's Secret Base. "Sure," Keith nodded. "Anytime you like, you're more than welcome. I've actually expanded the place recently- now there's a Pokémon Center on the first floor. Even got the roof repainted red and everything. And what's more, Helena here is more often than not the one running the healing machine. She and Rubeus spend a lot of time working in the Pokémon Center now."

Helena nodded. "Right now there's a Nurse Joy covering for me," she explained. "I'm able to call one in to cover for me at any time so I don't have to stop traveling with Keith."

When Keith had sent out Lenny, he grinned- he knew the Weavile's unusual coloration would have Hyrem's interest. Lenny sniffed at Hyrem's hand. "Weaviii..." he murmured. And then, with a sudden big grin, he jumped up and hugged Hyrem. "Weaviii!" he exclaimed.

"Heh, yeah, Lenny's as friendly as they come," Keith smiled. "Loves to hug. But yeah- he's the only Weavile I've ever seen with this color scheme. Apparently, way back when Sneasel was first officially classified as a Pokémon, the entire species had this brown fur and blue feathers, but over time their coloration changed to what they're known to look like today, y'know? I don't know if you heard about that rockslide in the Clawmark Mountain Range last year? It caught my attention, got me going there to look, since I'd heard the rumors of those mountains being home to amazing treasures, and I was thinking maybe the rockslide might've uncovered something valuable, y'know? So it's me, Meowth, Bellatrix, and Malfoy, we're all going through this huge rock pile, and Meowth uncovers an Egg. He brings it back to us, and Bellatrix and Malfoy just spring into action, they wrap the Egg in Bellatrix's tail fur. That, as far as I'm concerned, best option right there. Not much can beat a Skuntank's tail fur in terms of sheer fluffiness. The Egg hatched almost right away, and into a brown Sneasel with blue feathers. Took an instant liking to us all right away, and the rest is history. And we didn't see any other Sneasel or Weavile anywhere in those mountains that day, so I'm thinking that Egg was the only survivor- the theory I'm going with at the moment is that there are- or were- isolated colonies of Sneasel and Weavile in secluded mountain ranges like Clawmark that never changed their color along with the rest of the species for whatever reason."

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