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{Ohey, we're actually on the second page now! }

Kinana beamed when her father hold her how proud he was. "Uh huh! I learned that tip from my mom!" Meanwhile, Sorano sidled up to her adoptive father and nuzzled him on the side. "Nice to meet you too...Daddy~"

Hyrem heard about Marvolo dragging Keith know, as in physically dragging him here, and he had a good, little chuckle to himself before saying, "Well, that sounds like something he'd do! And I may not be a fan of saying this, but I guess I owe him one. Maybe us paying a visit to your place will work?"

Keith then told Hyrem about some of his new Pokemon, a Swirlix and a Shiny Beautifly, before showing off another: a brownish looking Weavile with bright blue feathers instead of red, the longer ear feathers indicating this one was male. Lenny was quite different from a Shiny Weavile, and probably even rarer than them too, which caused Hyrem to stand there with fascination. "Wow, I've never seen a Weavile like that before! Hi Lenny, how are you?" he greeted, putting his hand out so Lenny could sniff if.

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