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(I'll be using "-A" to denote Alolan forme)

Sneaze: For the record I'm not a fan of this since it can make things confusing for people who don't know you're using said system, but it's not a huge deal as long as you make it known.

Scarlet Rain: Golem-A Lv 5 (F) (Red)
Scarlet Rain, the Red King. She is known far and wide for her ranged proficiency, known as the immovable fortress because she rarely has to move to obtain victory. She has placed large emphasis on increasing her ranged abilities, to the detriment of her close combat prowess.
Sig: Special Attack: Stone Pulse (Rock)
Scarlet Rain shoots a ball of significant condensed Rock energy out of her rail gun apparatus (if in a lower Equiall where she is not Golem, she merely shoots it from her body). This move can be used in its standard "Pulse" form, merely a ball of energy that does considerable Rock damage for considerable Rock energy, with a 20% chance to cause confusion, however, in a vein similar to Water Pulse, it has a secondary form. It can be fired at the ground at an angle, causing a large number of sharp boulders to hail down, dealing considerable physical Rock damage to all foes caught in it. This secondary form has no confusion chance. Like with her Normal/XX moves, she can "Galvanize" this move, in either form, causing them to deal Electric damage for Electric energy (an electrical charge around and between the hail of rocks dealing the brunt of the physical damage in the "wave" form). This will not give it a paralysis chance from being fired from her rail gun.

Sneaze: Approved.

Mosaic: Palossand Lv 4 (M)
If you ask what is the most beautiful art form that exists, you will surely get various different answers, as personal tastes vary quite widely. For mosaic, well, his name makes it obvious. He loves arrangements of coloured glass so very much, so when he learned that glass can be made from types of sands, he was over the moon. He practiced making his own masterpieces.
Sig: Special Attack: Glass Beam (FI)
Calling upon his sandy heritage and memories of summer heat, Mosaic gathers fire energy into a beam, infusing it with his body sands. This brilliant rainbow beam hits the foe, dealing significant Fire damage for equivalent Fire energy. However, as an added feature of this move, it will also leave a small level of surface "glassing", a light layer of multi-coloured glass on the part of the foe it hits. This works similar to surface freezing, though slightly more solid in exchange for not chilling the foe, and, as it is not ice, it is not so easy to just melt off. This means it will take a tad more force or effort to break off than surface freezing, but not by any significant margin. Also, similar to freezing in wet or rainy environments, use of this move in a sandy arena and/or during a sandstorm will likely make the "glassing" somewhat more potent. He has the Fire energy reserves to use this twice per match.

Sneaze: Approved.

Dugthreesome: Dugtrio-A Lv 5 (M, M, M)
Chillax, brah. The trio that surfs both sands and beds always tries to make sure the party's always going on. Just look at his fabulous hair. Maybe he's born with it; maybe it's Alobeline. He's by several magnitudes more chill than any normal being in Dedenndam could legally be. He's just so very chill, folks ask him if he's on something. "It's all natural," he says truthfully. Plants are part of nature: by definition, natural.
Sig: Special Attack: Chill Pill (Ice)
Dugthreesome channels considerable Ice energy into a large construct somewhat resembling an icy blue pill. This deals considerable Ice damage to the foe. However, this move was developed to teach Fire-types a lesson for having literally no chill, and does Super-effective damage against the Fire type instead of being resisted by it. All other weakness and resistance modifiers are left intact; this works under the same rules as Freeze-Dry. This same effect prevents it from being weakened in hot, arid environments. He can use this twice per battle only, and his level of chill has made him abandon learning any Poison moves at all.

Sneaze: Needs to be slightly energy inefficient given its versatility. Rejected.

Kantoslash: Sandslash Lv 4 (M)
Kantoslash is, of course, the Kantonian version of Sandslash. Unfortunately, he has some envy over the awesomeness that is Alolan Sandslash, and wishes he could be one instead. Sadly for him, then he would no longer be a Ground-type and thus Gym-useless, so I won't let him (was that too meta?). So he figured the next best thing was using the alt-forme's typing for an attack.
Sig: Special Attack: Alola Slash (IC/ST)
Kantoslash combines the two elements of his Alolan counterpart's typing, Steel and Ice, and slashes at the foe. This move lowers his type energy reserves of both the Ice and Steel types by a significant amount each, though total general energy use is only at the level of significant. If he slashes on contact, it deals significant damage, but he can also use it in ranged form, though weakening its power to considerable. This move also carries a 20% chance to lower the foe's Attack stat one stage. Similar to moves such as Muddy Water, this move deals both Steel and Ice damage, giving it a unique type effectiveness; it is super effective on Dragon, Flying, Ground, Grass, Fairy, and Rock; while resisted by Steel, Water, Fire, and Electric. He has the type energy reserves to use Alola Slash twice per battle, but loses all other Steel moves.

Sneaze: Losing access to all other Steel moves kinda conflicts with the other drawback of depleting the energy reserves of both Ice and Steel. Rethink the drawback and try again. Rejected.

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