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Misdreavus Chi Koh's Idolistic Journal

Name: Chieri Koh

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Class: (Ghost Major, Ice Minor and Fire Weakness)

Appearance: Chieri stands at an even 5'0 while weighing in at 47 kg. She has blonde hair which is usually tied into pigtails with her favourite red scrunchies and her eyes are a lime green. She wears a dress that is two-toned; black for the top half and pink for the bottom half. Oddly enough, she also wears a pair of black shorts to go with her dress, her shoes are regular runners which are a deep blue that contrast in a highly noticeable but not eye-hurting way.

Personality: Chieri is super, super energetic and friendly to all those that she comes across despite how they first come across. Chieri is a bit ditsy but despite this she has about average intelligence and occasionally has some golden moments. Her bright demeanor usually cheers those up around her and if anything troubling seems to be happening she'll feel obligated to help out however she might be able to

Background: Chieri comes from the far-off land of Almia, with the Ranger Base basically being her home. Chieri's original plan was to chase her dream of becoming an idol and ranger but had to leave Almia to move to the Kanto region due to her parents starting on something apparently confidential in the region. While she came to terms with her ranger dreams being basically over, she still chased the idol dream but only did so inside of her town which didn't give her any publicity at all. Everything was going decently enough for her until the disaster struck which caused her communication with her parents to be cut off, said parents having gone back to Almia for a meeting a few days before the disaster struck. She ended up not leaving Viridian until she was ready to care for herself, and, after a short while she was very much ready. Spurred on by her cheerful ideals and her cut-off communication, Chieri started on her way to meet her dreams.

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