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Round 3: Side effects

“The action still isn’t over ladies and gentlemen, Hebi starts off strong with yet another of those explosive, blue balls of Puls(e)ating Water! I’m amazed it the Dunsparce’s ability to fight through the confusion all the damned time. The odds surely are at his favor by the looks of it! The blue ball flies off and once again the Rotom is send flying into the barriers! And oh my, look at that. Arthur is seeing birds, heck; even I can see those cute yellow birds flying around his head. I’m not quite sure what Arthur is trying to do now, but it looks like he’s trying to catch a bird zipping up and down like that. Still though, his trainer is shouting orders, maybe they get through to him.”

“They are coming through! The Electric/Ghost-type charges a blueish ball of energy in front of him and… he’s dancing. Well guess we can call this attack off, Arthur fires a Wave of energy into nothing and nowhe… Would you look at that! What a Shock! If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe it. The attack gets shot off into the air, aimed of absolutely no-one, but out of nowhere the bolt of blue lightning turns midair, somehow locks onto Hebi and hits him straight where it hurts! Remarkable!”

“The attack visibly startles the Dunsparce he’s Running Away from his opponent. And now the Normal-type is starting to glow in a bright white-blue, dear heavens people we’re witnessing history here! Hebi is EVOLVING! I always used to think Dunsparce can’t evolve, but Hebi is evoling into a… Gingerbread man?! This is interesting, Hebi just turned into a miniature gingerbread version of himself. Looking at the other side of the field though, Arthur seems to have stopped dancing and now seems to shoot a Wave of rings build with Thunderous energy around, but I’m not quite sure what the purpose is of that, my apologies people, the weird evolution distracted me a bit too much. Talking about the gingerbread Dunsparce though, it’s still running away and he runs straight into one of the rings! And now he stopped moving altogether. Man this round is weird.”

[a few moments later]

“Oh, I’m sorry people, did I stop talking there for a while? Once again I have to apologize than. It’s just that there’s not much happening on the field. Hebi and Arthur had to use a bit too much of their concentration to get their previous attacks off, both of them are just spinning around on the spot as we speak, unable to respond to their trainers’ orders. On a side note though, anyone else getting hungry?”

Energy: 51.1%
Health: 70.5%
Stats: Confused, Paralyzed,
SpA +1, SpD +1, Spe -1

Energy: 62.1%
Health: 63.8%
Stats: Confused

EpicSquirtle is to go first

And PM any questions you may have.
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