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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Daily Pick Results
Ticket #10 Tale – Wins TM Toxic

Tale (300 coins each)
Spin #01: Yellow Azurill (0 coins)
Spin #02: Red Togepi (900 coins)
Spin #03: Green Azurill (0 coins)
Spin #04: Green Azurill (0 coins)
Spin #05: Green Pichu (0 coins)
Total Win: 900 coins

Fixed Lucky Draw Members
Ticket #10 Tale – 07 draws remaining
I'd like to claim the TM Toxic and teach it straight away to Jean-Paul the Sneasel.

Then I'll take the x900 Coins I won, and spen them on 3 spins of the Roulette, x300 Coins on each spin of Orange Wynaut. Thank you.
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